Continuous Driver Monitoring

DYK Continuous Driver Monitoring

Did you know that DISA provides continuous driver monitoring?

Continuous driver monitoring solutions help employers better manage their company by proactively identifying risk before it results in a crash. Partnering with SambaSafety, DISA Global Solutions is proud to offer best-in-class driver monitoring solutions providing unmatched insight into a driver’s behavior and alerting employers of real-time violations both on and off the clock.

What is Continuous Driver Monitoring? 

Unlike the standard Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) that are pulled either quarterly or annually, continuous driver monitoring will automatically alert you when a driver from your company receives a negative violation. This eliminates the visibility gap of unaddressed violations that occur in between MVRs. DISA’s driver monitoring program also helps to address challenges often faced in the transportation industry, such as

  • FMCSA Clearinghouse
  • ELD Mandates/ELD Training Requirements
  • Increased Road Congestion
  • More Distracted Drivers
  • New Vehicle Technologies
  • Insurance Industry Under Pressure

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What are the benefits? 

High-risk drivers create significant liability for your company, and with real-time alerts, employers can intervene before it’s too late! SambaSafety’s data scientists reveal that continuous driver monitoring solutions prove effective in enhancing safety measures and protocols. After just one year, customers have successfully intervened to protect their employees and company when necessary. Additionally, the data reveals a 22% reduction in monthly violations, a 14% reduction in monthly crashes, and a 32% reduction in company risk profile events.

  • Gain full 12-month visibility into a driver’s behavior
  • Reduce risk and liability with real-time alerts on negative driver activity
  • Increase employee retention through early intervention into negatively trending driver behavior
  • Automate and enforce a consistent driver safety policy across your company
  • Understand driver behavior across individuals and groups and take proactive measures for improvement
  • Protect your company, your employee, and your community with a culture of safety

Additionally, when you choose DISA’s driver monitoring program, you’ll get help from our transportation compliance professionals, who make it easy to mitigate risks and help with FMCSA scores. By partnering with SambaSafety, employers can access comprehensive license monitoring and standardized national MVRs, which are returned in seconds. Employers can also track license status, proactively manage medical certificate expirations, and use driver scores to determine risk assessment. To learn more about continuous driver monitoring, call DISA today at (800) 752-6432 or contact us online below.