Driver Management Technology

DYK DQ Files

Did you know that DISA provides Driver Qualification (DQ) file services?

Along with a wide array of products and services, DISA offers DQ file services to help employers regulated under the Department of Transportation (DOT). Companies must maintain a DQ file for all interstate drivers who operate a vehicle weighing more than 10,001 pounds. DQ files hold a variety of records and documents, which can be time-consuming to build and maintain. DISA’s experts provide the assistance needed to ensure DQ files are accurate, in compliance, and up-to-date to help avoid fines and fees.

What’s in a DQ File?

DQ files are regulated under federal rule 391. They require an application, motor vehicle records (MVRs), driver road test, driver certification of violations, annual review, physical exam, and any applicable waiver/variance/skill performance evaluation certificate.

DISA can provide these services and automatically include documents into a driver’s DQ file:

  • Pre-Employment Drug & Alcohol Test Results
  • Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs)
  • Previous Employer Requests and Responses
  • Clearinghouse
  • Medical Examiner’s Certificate

DISA’s DQ Services offer electronic options to assist employers in obtaining compliant documents for:

  • Employment Application
    • Drug & Alcohol Testing Program/Policy
    • Copy of Driver’s License
  • Annual Driver’s Certificate of Violations
  • Annual Driving Record Review

Employers must provide these records:

  • Entry-Level Training
  • Road Test Certificate
  • FMCSA Evidence of Safety Training

Our services help ensure our employers hire safe drivers while maintaining FMCSA requirements! For more information on DISA’s Driver Qualification file services and assistance, contact us today.