Employment Verification

Verifying Previous Employment

Employers request employment verifications to not only verify previous work history, but to ensure that the applicant has the skills and qualifications needed to perform the job. This is typically done with a pre-employment check and can search back to seven years.

By verifying that the applicant does have the previous work history they wrote on the application, this lets the employer know that the applicant is truthful in the information that they’re supplying. Applicants who are deceptive on their application could signal to employers that they cannot be trusted with sensitive company information, so it’s vital that employers take careful steps in verifying background information to protect their company. 


Employer Requirements

Employers need acknowledgment from the applicant that the background check is being run, which includes the employment verification information on the application. It is common for previous employers to ask for a copy of the written consent from the applicant to verify their information. When this occurs, DISA’s backgrounds team will request a copy of the applicant’s authorization to send to the previous employer.

Applicant Requirements

The applicant is expected to provide previous job-related information including:

  • Employer name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Supervisor name
  • Dates of employment
  • Job title(s) 

It is common for applicants to not want their current employer contacted. In this case, they have the option of asking the prospective employer not to contact them, typically with a checked box on the application. 

Employment verifications help in making safer hiring decisions and setting higher employment screening standards for your company.

DISA’s background screening professionals can assist you in creating a background check custom to your industry needs. For more information on employment verifications contact 1-800-752-6432