Financial Investigative Services

Protecting Your Company's Reputation from Financial Risk

Financial Investigative Services provides a more in-depth method of performing background investigations both domestically and internationally. Typically background checks will rely on database resources to obtain an individuals’ information, but with financial due diligence research the searches are performed in the courthouse using private investigators, abstractors, and paralegals.    

To ensure each report fits the needs of your industry, our services are customized by several tiered levels of investigations that will accommodate both research and budget requirements.

When a financial due diligence search is placed , a dedicated research team is assigned to each investigation to see the file through from start to finish. Our reports are presented in an easy-to-read format containing a general overview, a more detailed breakdown of investigative findings and any necessary supporting documentation.

Our basic in-courthouse research includes the following:

  • Corporate Records and Affiliations Research
  • Bankruptcy Filings
  • Federal and Civil Litigation
  • Judgment Filings
  • State & Federal Tax Liens
  • Criminal Records

For more expansive inquiries all of the above are included as well as:

  • Media Research
  • Regulatory Sanctions
  • Verification of Employment and Education
  • Verification of Professional Licensing and other Credentials
  • Regulatory Licensing status through the SEC, FINRA, NFA, State Securities Boards and Additional Agencies
  • Inquiries Related to the Character, Reputation and Integrity of the Subject

DISA’s financial due diligence services offer extensive research techniques which go beyond your standard background investigations.

Our professionals can assist you in creating a scope of work that meets your industry standards. For more information on Financial Investigative Services contact 1-800-755-0435