Professional Licenses & Credentials

Professional Licenses & Credentials

When applying for a position, some jobs require certain certifications or professional licenses to perform the job at hand. For jobs that require specific certifications, a professional license verification should be conducted. Employers use this search to verify the validity of an applicant’s professional licenses and/or certifications. If an employee who applies for a position claims to have the required certifications, then it’s the employer’s responsibility to ensure that this information is accurate and true prior to hiring them. A professional license verification will conduct a search to determine and ensure that the individual is in fact certified and/or holds the proper license(s) to perform the job duties.

What DISA Does

When DISA conducts a professional license verification, our professionals make direct contact with the responsible accrediting agency and/or professional association via online or telephone inquiries. The verification process includes: 

  • applicant’s license number
  • type of license/certification issued
  • date issued
  • expiration date
  • any disciplinary actions, sanctions, suspensions, or revocations

Professional licenses and credentials can cover a wide variety of job industries including, but not limited to:

  • Medical
  • Accounting
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Engineering

DISA’s professionals can help you maintain better hiring standards and practices through our completely customizable background screening products and services.

For more information on professional licensing and credentials verification contact 1-800-752-6432