SSN Validity Check

Reduce Fraud by Ensuring Valid Social Security Numbers

Some companies require you to submit your social security number (SSN) when performing a background check. A social security number can be used for a number of reasons, but in the case of an SSN Validity Check, it’s to ensure the validity of the social security number of the applicant. A Social Security Number (SSN) Validity Check is the process of detecting fraudulent social security numbers and will flag those that are not issued by the Social Security Administration. This check may verify the state in which the SSN was issued, the year the SSN was issued, and whether the SSN is on the death index. 

SSN Validity Checks are NOT a verification of identity!

A common misconception is that an SSN validity check is a verification of identity; it is, however, a confirmation that the SSN is valid in and of itself. This does not match someone’s identity to the number, instead it just verifies that the number that is being used is an actual, valid social security number and is not fraudulent

Content Based Social Security Number Verification (CBSV)

In the event that an SSN Validity Check returns as “failed”, or if the applicant appears in the SSN Random Pool, you will need to run a Content Based Social Security Number Verification (CBSV). So how does the CBSV process work? The applicant is required to sign a consent that allows a special search at the Social Security Administration. 

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