As I have previously mentioned, the Summer of Excellence is one of my favorite employee engagement initiatives. An annual occasion to honor and acknowledge the commitment, dedication, and camaraderie of those who exemplify our core values. This week, we highlight the guiding principle that empowers our journey at DISA - "Be Excellent."

The root word of excellence is the word excel, and to excel means to go beyond what is expected. I have been inspired and humbled by reading the "above and beyond" stories and spotlights. First, I appreciate all of you sharing your stories and illuminating those who impacted and inspired you. Second, we sincerely thank those who were highlighted for demonstrating and embodying the essence of our core values. You have my sincere admiration and gratitude for your extraordinary contributions. You define the DISA difference.

This year, our "Be Excellent" accolade extends to all of you for your willingness to embrace change because, without change, progress is impossible. Over the past year, DISA has experienced significant growth. We also began our global expansion with our first international acquisition earlier this month. As we continue to grow, win new and larger customers, and expand into new markets, our customer needs continue to evolve. Your cooperation, collaboration, and teamwork drive our ability to quickly adapt to meet/exceed these demands and expedite our progress. For example, our new organizational structure enhances alignment and will accelerate the delivery of innovative solutions and comprehensive services to support our customers.

As DISA continues to evolve, our ability to transform and adapt will determine our success and growth trajectory. Change is inevitable, but our commitment to setting the standard, leading the industry, and building a business for sustained success remains constant.

I am excited about our journey ahead. Our industry is at an inflection point, and our ability to deliver value and opportunity to disrupt is more significant than ever. Together, we will overcome challenges, celebrate successes, and relentlessly pursue excellence.

Thank you for embracing our core values and making DISA a company we can all be proud of.

One Team, One Future, One DISA