As we kickoff DISA’s 2021 Summer of Excellence, we begin with the core values of BE A TEAM and FIND BALANCE. These core values are interrelated in several ways.  For any team to be successful, there must be a balance amongst the team members. If one team member is contributing too much, then the rest of the team may sit back and let them carry the load, and if another member is too strong or uncompromising the rest of the team members may become disenchanted and pull back from the discussion. Thus, each team member needs to find the right balance as most often true teamwork will result in better solutions than any one individual.

These same core values hold true in our personal lives. To be successful at work or at home, we need to FIND BALANCE between our work life and personal life. Quite often those lines are blurred, and it takes a conscious effort to find time for each. This past year with the challenges of COVID-19, it became even more difficult, but we persevered as we leaned on our collective work/personal relationships to BE A TEAM and FIND BALANCE during those unprecedented times. It's during tough times like those that we solidify ourselves as ONE DISA which extends to each of you, your families, friends, and colleagues as we are one extended team, and we couldn’t have done it without everyone.

They say, “It takes an army” and that couldn’t be truer and I’m proud to be part of this team.