Raise the Bar

Raise the Bar: It isn't just about doing what's expected of you - it's about challenging yourself and those around you to do better.  Perform. Evaluate. Do better next time.  Compete with yourself to set a higher standard; for yourself, and for DISA.

Thoughts on "Raise the Bar" from Colin Woods

From DISA's "Summer of Excellence" event in 2021

Raise the Bar has always been a core value in my life driving me to be better (personally and professionally).  As we worked together as One DISA throughout 2020 and during our recovery in 2021, I have truly been inspired by the thought leadership, support, and compassion from so many DISA teammates.  Employees across the enterprise have worked to Raise the Bar for themselves, their team members, and our clients.  We have focused on training for employee development as well as process improvement for improved speed and accuracy all of which contribute to our Customer Loyalty.

In the spirit of Raise the Bar week, I wanted to share an inspirational quote from entrepreneur/author/motivational speaker, Joel Brown, in honor of the challenges we are overcoming:

“We only get what we believe we deserve.  Raise the bar, raise your standards, and you will receive a better outcome.”

Thanks for all that you do each day.

Colin Woods 250px

Colin Woods

General Manager, Industrial

David Eades 250px

David Eades

VP of Occupational Health Services

Thoughts on "Raise the Bar" from David Eades

From DISA's "Summer of Excellence" event in 2021

When I want to talk about an example of Raise the Bar, the Service Center teams come to mind.  Raise the Bar defines the superb effort and performance of our Service Center employees.  They perform the duties in person, face to face with our clients.  They have been the face of DISA during the pandemic, hurricanes, and snowstorms.  They work extremely hard at building strong long-lasting relationships with our clients.  Their performance and attitude express the value of the customer to DISA.