As we continue our journey through the Summer of Excellence, it's time to turn our spotlight on another integral part of our Core Values – "Value Your Customer." This principle guides us in our professional interactions and is a foundational block of our overall ethos at DISA.

While "Value Your Customer" may seem most applicable to our customer service teams, it is a philosophy everyone can embrace and apply regardless of our roles. Each interaction we have with our clients, no matter how small or indirect, shapes their experience with DISA.

Our customers are not just our business; they are our partners and the lifeblood of our company. Without them, there would be no DISA. A survey by PWC found that 73% of all people point to customer experience as an essential factor in their purchasing decisions, just behind price and product quality. An outstanding customer experience makes our clients feel valued and drives loyalty, service expansion, and recommendation of DISA to their peers, contributing directly to our success and growth.

Every task, every project, every call we make can make a difference in how our customers perceive and engage with us. So, ask yourself, "How does my role impact our customers? How can I add more value to them?" Even if your role doesn't interact with customers directly, remember that every task we perform contributes to the overall experience we deliver as a company.

In my tenure at DISA, I have seen firsthand how our dedication to customer service strengthens our relationships and sets us apart in the industry. Our pursuit of excellence in customer service does not go unnoticed. Each positive experience we provide fortifies DISA's reputation and contributes to our collective success.

I am proud of our team's passion and dedication to our customers. Let's continue putting them at the forefront of everything we do – making "Value Your Customer" a core value and our way of life at DISA.

 One Team, One Future, One DISA