It's an important exercise to periodically ask yourself, "who are my customers? how do I provide them value?"

Too often, people think the only customer is the end-user, but I believe that our customers fall into two main groups.

1.) Customers - Our customers are essential to our success, and we're proud to have industry-leading customer retention. Each day we strive to ensure they have the best possible experience on our platform, with our people, and when we interact. We're constantly seeking opportunities to improve through phone and NPS surveys. We host the "Day with DISA" conference and monthly webinars each year to provide educational value to our customers. We even completely revamped our collection site management processes to provide a better experience and value for customers and third-party collection sites.

2.) Coworkers - Throughout every part of our organization, we serve each other. Marketing updates branding on a presentation for compliance, finance reimburses an employee expense, HR helps people sign up for their 401k, IT gives updates on coming enhancements... Every day, there are thousands of situations where we help each other internally. It's why DISA puts an emphasis on internal networking, group events, and our employee appreciation group. We know that building strong internal relationships is one of the best things you can do to build a strong culture and add value throughout our days.

Both of these groups are equally important. If we serve one ineffectively, the other suffers. This year, I highly recommend you set a goal to meet new people in the organization, focus on providing an exceptional experience to your coworkers, and consider how you can add value to your day-to-day activities.