2020 was a tough year for everyone, personally and professionally.  We are so proud of how the DISA team came together, supported each other, and came up with some very innovative solutions to, really, unprecedented and never before seen challenges.  As we continue through the recovery in 2021 this spirit and determination continue to solidify DISA’s “best in class” position within the industry and ensure our continued future success.

As we continue on our growth trajectory the Work Smart Core Value becomes more and more important and can help make or break advancements that are necessary to support that growth.  One good example of this that occurred in the midst of the turmoil of 2020 was the enhancement of DISA360’s Driver Qualification functionality.  The DISA360 team and the DISAWork team came together to work as One DISA to identify, design, and implement a truly enterprise-level solution.  The two teams leveraged existing components, and developed additional capabilities, that are shared between the two platforms, thus embodying a true Work Smart ethos, “build once, use many”.

This shared responsibility approach truly sets DISA up for success in the future and allows our teams to focus on the value add work that differentiates us from our competition.  Thus, providing more value to our customers.