We can only really value our customers if we "work smart". These two core values go hand in hand. But when working as a team with our customers, let's clarify what "work smart" means. Contrary to what it might sound like, "work smart" is not just about our intellectual capacity but also our ability to demonstrate "people smarts" in all interactions. In the context of a team and our customers, "work smart" simply refers to a person's common sense when dealing with people.

When we engage with our customers, "working smart" means using our emotional intelligence to understand and respond to their feelings. By paying attention to their needs, we can build more personal relationships, which helps strengthen bonds, improve customer loyalty, and enhance team dynamics.

"Working smart" means putting ourselves in the customers' shoes and empathizing with their needs, desires, and concerns. It's about making decisions as if the customer were next to us. This understanding allows us to offer tailored solutions and increase customer satisfaction.

"Working Smart" is also about being clear, transparent, and empathetic in communication with customers and teams. It is about not hesitating to ask the right questions, listening to others, and staying intently engaged in conversations. Some might refer to this as emotional intelligence, which isn't a bad comparison, but I think it's a little simpler than that. It's about making them feel heard and appreciated, which leads to better trust and credibility for our business and leaders.

Finally, "Working smart" is about being cooperative and respectful, while taking our customers' and employees' feedback seriously. It is not about finding a clever solution on our own but putting our hands up and asking for help from our leaders or additional stakeholders when appropriate. This mentality ensures that our customers and teams aren't waiting for decisions and is the only way to make them feel valued and improve their overall experience.

In conclusion, 'working smart' is being 'people smart'. It's the foundation for building trust with our colleagues and earning customer loyalty!

 One Team, One Future, One DISA