DISA Contractors Consortium (DCC)

What is DISA's Contractors Consortium

The DISA Contractors Consortium (DCC) manages the multitude of workplace screening requirements that contractor companies must meet to work at safety-focused worksites across several industrial sectors. The DCC manages reciprocal policies and programs around the special requirements of various owners, operators, safety councils, or federal regulatory agencies. This unique ability reduces job-hopping and mitigates the need for multiple programs. The DCC has more than 20,000 participating contractor companies in the consortium and continues to make compliance easier to manage and cheaper to maintain.

I’m A Contractor, how can the DCC help me?

Last year alone the DISA Contractor's Consortium (DCC) saved consortium members $38 million by reducing redundant testing and preventing job hoppers.

The DISA Contractors Consortium (DCC) increases overall workplace safety, ensuring that all contractor companies are required to complete the drug and alcohol testing provided by DISA.

What Industries Participate in the DCC?

Six industries participate in the DCC: Oil & Gas (Exploration & Production), Downstream Facilities (Refining, Chemical & Petrochemical), Energy, Construction, Medical, and Mining.  

  • Exploration & Production: Used by E&P owners and contractors and covers both onshore and offshore operations. This consortium also manages contractor compliance for federally regulated DOT requirements.
  • Refining, Chemical & Petrochemical: Used by refinery, chemical, and petrochemical owners, as well as contractor companies. This is our largest consortium and is mandated or accepted at nearly 250 industrial facilities across the US.
  • Other Industries: Energy, construction, medical, and mining are four other industries that participate in and benefit from the DCC.

Emerging trends and methodologies like hair testing, oral fluid testing, and background screening are also managed by the DCC.

Benefits of the DCC?

  • Mitigates risk and increases worksite safety
  • Enhances hiring processes and improves productivity
  • Provides a compliance status at the company and employee level
  • Reduces job-hopping and redundant testing
  • Results in a work-ready workforce

For more information about how your company can begin utilizing the DCC for your drug and alcohol testing needs, contact DISA at 281-730-5515.