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The First Consortium

DISA’s streak for innovation started with the DISA Contractor Consortium (DCC), the first consortium model in our industry, which saves contractors more than $35 million dollars each year. The DCC manages workplace safety requirements across various industrial owners and operators, safety councils, and regulatory agencies. This prevents duplicate testing at sites that share similar screening requirements and creates a seamless process for contractors. The DCC encompasses tens of thousands of safety-sensitive policies and manages millions of employee profiles to help ensure all contractors are safer when they’re working. With more than 12,000 companies enrolled, the DCC is the largest and most diversified contractor compliance program of its kind.

Enhanced Tools

DISA has embraced technology to create some of the best screening tools available to employers. Our DISAWorks and DISA360 systems make it easy for employers to track and manage their safety programs. These systems are continually receiving enhancements that not only make them faster but also more stable, secure, and user-friendly. Further enhancing our technology offerings, DISA Entertainment's MAPP tool is a mobile application that simplifies DOT-required driver qualification documents. Using this mobile application enables drivers to process documents from their phones while on the go!


Leveraging partnerships via integration is a core part of our strategy to maximize the effectiveness of our tools for our customers. Our recent integration with SambaSafety is an excellent example of this. Now, customers can leverage continuous driver monitoring without ever leaving DISA’s tools, enabling them to build a culture of safety, reduce risk, and become more profitable. DISA is continuously seeking opportunities to integrate with key vendor partners to ensure we continue providing our customers with a best-in-class solution.

Embracing Technologies

We quickly adopt new technologies like eCCF that improve our customers’ experience. DISA’s collection site network has more than 1,900 eCCF capable collection facilities, and more than 95% of DISA’s DOT & Non-DOT customers have access to eCCF capable facilities near them. With eCCF, instead of manually filling out forms, users utilize a web-based, wizard-driven, walk-through guide to complete the required steps. As a result, collector and provider errors can be drastically reduced. This process also ensures best practices for each form, as well as a more secure distribution. In fact, our users have seen up to 25% improvement in turnaround times when utilizing eCCFs.

Expanding Transportation Suite

Additionally, DISA continues to add new services to our already robust transportation compliance suite. This one-stop-shop makes it easy to properly manage your fleet and receive professional assistance and advice to ensure you are meeting your compliance requirements. As the transportation industry frequently makes changes to regulations, employers must stay up to date. Our complete line of services makes it easy to manage your fleet’s needs, such as licensing and permitting, fuel tax reporting, HOS driver log auditing, tax recovery and refund services, continuous driver monitoring, and more.