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Each year, DISA hosts an entirely free-to-attend, educational conference in the spirit of providing continuing education and thought leadership to our industry!

The Largest Employee Screening Conference in North America

Exceeding more than 800 attendees during our in-person event in 2019, and over 1,400 participants during our virtual event in 2020, Day with DISA is the largest employee screening conference in North America. Across multiple topics, attendees have the opportunity of choosing sessions covering Drug and Alcohol Testing, Background Check, Transportation Compliance, Occupational Health, and more.

Our attendees gain industry-leading expertise and advice, while also receiving the latest and greatest in the rapidly changing employee screening industry. Each of our speakers holds years of experience, offering a wide variety of industry expertise that helps attendees apply to their own workplaces. That's why when attendees were surveyed, 95% of attendees planned on attending again!

We welcome HR & Safety attendees from any industry, as well as:

  • Employees who are responsible for ensuring safety at their workplace or facility.
  • Employers who are impacted by new or pending employee screening legislation.
  • Employers who are looking to build a culture of safety in their workplace.
  • Anyone wanting to learn about drug testing, background check, & DOT compliance.
  • Anyone that would benefit from hearing about the latest employee screening trends.

We hope you join us for our next event as we provide industry-leading networking and thought leadership for our attendees!

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