Transportation Management Technology

Drug and Alcohol Management Information Statement (MIS) Reporting

Employers regulated under the DOT are required to report their annual drug and alcohol testing data to a Management Information System (MIS) on an annual basis. This includes the PHMSA and FMCSA. Management Information Systems ensure that owners are meeting their drug and alcohol testing requirements through a detailed and often time-consuming process, including specific paperwork.

What is MIS Statistical Data Reporting?

MIS Statistical Data stands for Drug and Alcohol Management Information System (MIS) and is the name of the portal that owners use to complete report forms and submit pertinent drug and alcohol data. All owners are required to utilize this system, whether they manually submit the data or hire a third-party vendor, such as DISA, to complete it.

Benefits of DISA’s MIS Statistical Data Reporting

DISA’s reporting streamlines the entire process, ensuring that you meet drug and alcohol testing compliance, which is detailed and often time-consuming involving specific paperwork. Our comprehensive reporting includes benefits such as:

  • Quarterly and/or semi-annual reports, not annual
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Confirmation email that information was entered correctly
  • Record-keeping storage
  • Ensure random drug testing rates are met
  • Reduces the administrative burden of submitting the data

Services offered for MIS:

Option 1 - MIS Only

MIS only is a service that DISAWorks or DISA360 doesn’t provide, but our division DISA Compliance Monitoring (DCM) reporting does. When you mandate with DISA, you can utilize DCM reporting to assist with Drug and Alcohol Management Information System (MIS) entry.

Option 2 - MIS Only with Positive Refusal Verification

MIS Only with positive refusal verification differs from just MIS Only in several ways. Owners mandated with DISA, using DISAWorks or DISA360, can:

  • Utilize  DCM without having to gather all the contractor’s MIS statements. This includes a quarterly and/or semi-annual submission to ensure the contractor meets their random drug testing rate established by the DOT regulations for the calendar year.
  • Each quarter the DCM Team will reach out to the contractors to confirm if the employee that tested positive and/or refusal performed functions for your company.

Both options, MIS Only and/or MIS Only w/positive refusal verification, will store MIS statements and statistical data reports as required on your account in DCM.

DCM can offer other a la carte items specific to your company's request.

What’s DCM Reporting?

DISA Compliance Monitoring (DCM) helps contractors maintain compliance with their DOT drug and alcohol regulations and pipeline operator-specific requirements before they come under regulatory scrutiny. The DCM team will work with the contractor to ensure they meet compliance and regulations. Additionally,  DCM offers real-time access to all drug and alcohol compliance information on their contractors, including testing data, employee lists, drug & alcohol plans, MIS reporting, training verification, and compliance ratings.

Streamline Your Data

DISA’s MIS Statistical Data reporting offers owners a simple, streamlined method of DOT-required data.