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Mandated Site Benefits

Benefits of a DISA Mandate

DISA offers a unique contractor management program that enhances workplace safety across several safety-sensitive industries. DISA’s Contractor Consortium (DCC) is a one-of-a-kind program that customizes compliance services by owner, making it easier for owners to build, implement, and maintain their safety program.

Key Benefits Include:

Red Light, Green Light

Once a contractor undergoes site-required drug testing and/or background screening, their results will be updated in our system with either a green or red-light status. A green light status indicates that the contractor/employee has met all the site screening requirements that were set by the owner and is allowed on-site. On the other hand, a red-light status indicates that the contractor/employee does not meet the site requirements to be allowed on-site.

Common reasons for a red-light status include, but are not limited to:

  • Individual is new to the program and not tested in
  • Individual has failed a drug test or background screen
  • Individual is missing background screening information
  • The contractor is still in/has not completed the Return-to-Duty program

Alleviate Administrative Burden

By choosing DISA’s Contractor Consortium as your designated contractor auditing program, you’re reducing the administrative burdens, stress, and added responsibilities that come with drug and alcohol testing or background screening programs. We understand the complexities that each program can entail, which is why our professionals help owners with program management.

DISA will provide your contractors with random drug testing selections and update contractors’ statuses if they are non-compliant (red light) in the system. We also support the abundance of compliance challenges that come with administering a drug and alcohol testing program.

This leaves owners with the sole responsibility of managing site access to the list of compliant (green light) contractors in their system.

Prevent Job Hopping

Owners are often faced with the challenge of contractors’ job hopping from company to company to avoid negative drug test results. For example, if a contractor applies for a job and fails their drug and alcohol test, they can apply to another company once the substances have subsided from their body.

Once an individual is red-lighted in the DCC, they will remain red-lighted until policy requirements have been completed. This method helps ensure safety in the workplace by preventing job hopping, which could lead to an individual being placed in a safety-sensitive position shortly after testing positive elsewhere.

Additional benefits to owners include:

  • Improved safety and compliance
  • Better transparency and contractor tracking
  • Customizable testing/background protocol
  • Quicker verification process
  • Company/employee auditing and tracking
  • Insulates facilities from legal challenges
  • Access to the largest vetted safety-sensitive contractor pool in the nation
  • Prevents Job Hopping

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