Safety sensitive employees

Available DISA Consortiums

Available DISA Contractor Consortiums (DCC)

DISA offers several consortiums to meet your site’s needs. Each one is designed to support the diversified industrials and services market with management for short-term and long-term drug testing requirements, as well as background screenings.

Our most common consortiums include:

NameMethodologyDetection WindowPanel
DCCHAUrinalysisShort-Term10-Panel w/ expanded opioids
DCCOFOral FluidShort-Term11-panel
DCCHT w/ RandomsHairLong-Term5-panel
EPCCAUrinalysisShort-Term10-panel w/ expanded opioids

Background Screening

DISA also offers a background screening consortium with a standard package consisting of:

  • Social Security Validity Check
  • SafetyNet Criminal Jurisdiction Search
  • Criminal History (dating back seven years on county, state, and federal searches)
  • State Driving Record (MVR)
  • Patriot Act Search

Additionally, DISA’s background screening package offers benefits such as:

  • Standardized Industry Contractor Package Grading
  • Customized Renewal Requirement
  • Owner Policy Violation Tracking
  • Combats Contractor Job Hopping
  • Provides Real-time Compliance Tracking
  • Auditing Capabilities for Company and Employee
  • Mitigates Risk and Protects Your Assets
  • Increases Workplace Safety
  • Multiple Site Auditing Options

Background Grading Scale

When the DCC conducts criminal history checks, it uses a grading scale from 0-7 that corresponds to offenses as it pertains to the consortium (site access) background orders.

ScoreRecord Type
0Clear Record
1Non-Violent Misdemeanors
2Violent Misdemeanors
3Lesser Felonies
4Felonies in 3 and Misdemeanors in 2
5Higher Felonies
6Felonies in 5 and Misdemeanors in 2
7Patriot Act Hits

Only the employee, employer, and the TPA conducting the background screen will be able to access their grade. This helps set higher standards for employers that are hiring in the safety-sensitive industry as it prevents individuals with certain criminal histories from entering restricted worksites.

Owners set the maximum background screen grade for their worksite using the grading scale above. E.g., If an owner sets their grading scale maximum at 3, then any contractor with a grade of 4 or higher would not be eligible to access that site. On the other hand, contractors with a grade of 0-3 would meet the background screening requirements and be eligible to access that site.

Note: This may also be dependent on industry regulations and standards.

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