2017 Owners Report Analysis: Collection Process

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The following information reflects a combination of data collected from DISA Global Solutions’ 2017 Owners Survey, which was sent to several upstream and downstream owners.

These survey results help DISA stay on top of growing trends within the drug and alcohol testing industry, and provide clients with services that are customized to their needs.

Daily On-Site Collections

The upstream owners we surveyed, said that daily on-site collections are not conducted.

Conversely, most downstream owners have a nurse working on-site every day to conduct on-site collections for the owner’s employees. On-site nurses will not typically conduct collections for the contractors, unless specifically requested to do so. Most often, contractors will schedule their TPA or collection facility to come on-site for collections.

Testing Locations

Upstream owners usually conduct on-site collections at the field job site (e.g. at the onshore job site, offshore heliports, boat docks or offshore platforms). Most downstream owners will have an area where a trailer can be brought on-site or a designated location on-site where the collections can be conducted (e.g., firehouse, security offices, training rooms, etc.).


Upstream owners, upstream contractors, and downstream contractors, use regional collection sites to conduct collections, while most downstream owners have an on-site nurse that conducts on-site employee collections.

Point of Collection Tests (POCT)

Both upstream and downstream owners utilize a POCT device, in addition to required consortium laboratory testing. For downstream owners, regardless of the test result, all specimens are sent to a laboratory for confirmation, and the laboratory result will overrule results from a Point of Collection Test.

When a worker receives a negative result during a Point of Collection Test, if the owner grants them a temporary exception, the negative test result will allow them to work while waiting for the lab result and active status. Downstream employees will not be allowed to continue working unconditionally, and instead will be granted a temporary work pass for three to seven days, if they can provide all required testing paperwork.

If a worker receives a non-negative test result during a Point of Collection Test, they are immediately sent home until the results from a laboratory test comes back.

Reasonable Suspicion

When a supervisor feels the need to test a worker, depending upon their behavior, characteristics, or suspicions of drug use while on the job, a reasonable suspicion test can be performed. Both upstream and downstream have testing under the appropriate policy required by the contractor company and documented by the site supervisor.

DISA Global Solutions strives to provide you with the latest information on trends in the drug testing industry. If you would like to learn more, download the full 2017 Owners Report below.

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