2017 Owners Report Analysis: Synthetics, Opioids, & Marijuana Testing

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In a recent survey among both upstream and downstream employers, DISA has concluded a number of concerns and thoughts towards synthetics, opioids, and marijuana testing. These results help us guide our clients to receiving better services that are more custom towards their preferences, and the growing trends and changes within the drug and alcohol testing industry.

Synthetics, Opioids, & Marijuana

From the survey, it was concluded that both upstream and downstream owners are most concerned with prescription and synthetic marijuana drug testing, and the potential to fail to catch usage. Synthetics marijuana usage has been decreasing, and a lot of upstream and downstream owners aren’t testing for synthetics or setting it up as a requirement. Despite this, it is still increasingly common for owners to add testing panels for synthetics due to the inherent safety risks that synthetics pose. In addition, with the rise of opioid abuse, prescription drug use is another concern that most owners feel necessary to test for as well.

At DISA Global Solutions, we have hundreds of panel configurations available through our lab partners. These drugs can be misused with potentially, deadly side effects, thus creating an unsafe working environment for employees and those around them.

Legalized Marijuana

Legalized marijuana is available in some states throughout the U.S, both recreationally and medically. These options sometimes can get confusing when testing for the drug. Upstream and downstream test under the normal consortium panel, so regardless if an employee was in a legal state partaking in the use of the drug, our panel includes marijuana, so they can register as a positive test result. With the DOT adopting the proposal to authorize MROs to conduct THC-V testing, DISA Global Solutions expects to also see a rise in THC-V tests, which determines if a positive marijuana result was from recreational or medicinal marijuana.

Reasonable Suspicion

Testing under reasonable suspicion means that an employee who might be acting strange, or exhibiting symptoms, or signs of drug usage can be subject to a reasonable suspicion drug test by his or her supervisor. These rules can vary, and both upstream and downstream have testing under the appropriate policy required by the contractor company and documented by the site supervisor.

DISA Global Solutions strives to provide you with the latest information on industry standards and changes. For more information, download the full report now!

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