55 Currently Proposed Marijuana Laws: Do You Know What's Being Considered in Your State?

Fed State Marijuana Laws

At a state and federal level, marijuana laws continue to change across the U.S., and employers are finding it more difficult to keep up with the legal ramifications for their employees. It’s important for employers to remain up-to-date on the various laws for each state, understand how it will impact their employment screening processes, and when it’s a dangerous policy, speak out to their state and federal offices.

Let’s face it, the constant change in marijuana laws that vary state-by-state are just plain confusing! Below is a list of all proposed new marijuana laws as of August 2018:

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Individual State


HB 2037: Recreational marijuana


AB 2069: Prohibits employers from discriminating against medical marijuana users or a medical marijuana user’s marijuana-positive drug test


HB 5111: Recreational marijuana


HB 110: Recreational marijuana


HB 449, HB 1464, SB 548: Recreational marijuana

HB 1010: Prohibits employment discrimination based on a medical marijuana card

HB 1740: Would name marijuana as a prescription drug that employers could be required to furnish under workers’ compensation

SB 2220: Prohibits employers from suspending, discharging, or discrimination against a registered medical marijuana card-holding employee based on a marijuana-positive test


HB 1041: Medical marijuana, allows employer to retain all testing rights

HB 1106: Medical marijuana, prohibits employment discrimination against medical marijuana users

HB 1177: Makes it illegal to screen employees and/or applicants for THC unless required to do so by federal law

SB 307: Medical marijuana


HB 166, SB 80, SB 272: Medical Marijuana


HB 1496: Prohibits employment discrimination/penalization based on medical marijuana cardholder status


SB 2488: Recreational marijuana


HB 926, HB 927, HB 2714, SB 1320: Recreational marijuana


HB 1554: Medical marijuana

HB 1731: Recreational marijuana


LB 622: Medical marijuana

New Hampshire

HB 656: Recreational marijuana

New Jersey

AB 1348, AB 1557, AB 3581, AG 3819, SB 830, SB 2702, SB 2703: Recreational marijuana

AB 1838: Prohibits employment discrimination based on a medical marijuana card

AB 5097: Provides for workers’ compensation reimbursements for medical marijuana

New York

AB 3506, SB 3040: Recreational marijuana

AB 4560: A marijuana-positive drug test cannot be the determining factor as to if someone is under the influence at work or be the basis for a hiring action/disciplinary action

Rhode Island

HB 5555, SB 420: Recreational marijuana

HB 7899: Prohibits employers from refusing to hire, discharge, or discriminate against a medical marijuana user based on a marijuana-positive drug test

South Carolina

HB 3128: Medical marijuana


HB 974, HB 1064: Recreational Marijuana

West Virginia

HB 3035, HB 4491: Recreational marijuana


HB 1005

Prohibits employers from testing for tetrahydrocannabinols, synthetic cannabinoids, or analogs

Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017

Removes marijuana as a Schedule I substance, decriminalizes marijuana in states where it is legal


HB 6589

Removes limitations on federal employees who are individually using marijuana in states with legal marijuana

Marijuana Data Collection Act

Implement a federal study on the impacts of state legalized marijuana programs on the economy, public health, criminal justice, and employment

Marijuana Justice Act

Removes marijuana and tetrahydrocannabinols from Schedule I, decriminalizes marijuana nationwide, etc.

CARERS Act of 2017

Compassionate access, extensive research, allows states to make own marijuana laws

SB 3174

Decriminalizes marijuana on a nationwide level


Amends Controlled Substances Act to allow states full control over medical and/or recreational marijuana with no input from federal entities

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