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Benefits of eCCF

Transforming the Manual CCF Process into an Electronic Solution

DISA is committed to developing solutions to make the complex screening process easier and more efficient. The immense volume of paper required for the Chain of Custody process makes this important process slower, less accurate, and inefficient. We teamed our internal experts and technology solutions with our laboratory partner, CRL, to develop an electronic solution to eliminate the paper-heavy screening process. We also developed an electronic solution for capturing employee consent, another paper process. Now, our clients are afforded the ease and efficiency of electronic Custody and Control and electronic Consent Forms – eCCFs and eConsent.

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What are the benefits to using electronic CCF for eligible DOT and non-DOT collections and events?

  • Improved Collection Process
    FormFox’s software-driven collection wizard ensures proper process steps and adherence to best practices. As a result, common collector errors and omissions are avoided, not to mention the rework associated with their correction.
  • Speedy, Secure Distribution of Information
    FormFox shortens the entire drug testing cycle by instantaneously delivering the electronic CCF and related data to key stakeholders like the MRO, TPA, Employer and Lab.
  • Improved Information Accuracy
    Pre-populated authorization forms ensure that the correct service is performed, and that accurate data is delivered.
  • Digital CCF Archiving
    Enjoy instant, efficient web-based access to CCFs whenever and wherever it’s needed.

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