Canada ELD Mandate 2021 Update

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On June 13, 2019, Canada announced an electronic logging device (ELD) mandate, similar to the one enforced in the U.S. The Canadian mandate will require ELD’s to be enforced on June 12, 2021, with existing Automatic On-Board Recording Device (AOBRD) and electronic on-board recorders (EOBR) permitted until 2022. When the U.S. ruled out their law in April of 2018, Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau felt it necessary for Canada to follow suit to enhance highway as well as trucking safety.

The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) will align the mandate requirements with those of the U.S., minimizing impacts on Canada’s cross-border operators. U.S. goods and services trade with Canada totaled an estimated $673.1 billion in 2017, so the implementation of the Canada ELD will simplify compliance for truckers who drive in both the U.S. and Canada. Ensuring consistency will also lighten the burden for drivers so that they no longer need to worry about manually keeping track of Hours of Service in different jurisdictions. Drivers will be required to use ELD devices that are certified by an accredited third-party certification body found on the Government of Canada website here.

The list will include each device’s:

  • Vendor name
  • Product model name and number
  • Version of the technical standard it complies with
  • Software version
  • Certification body name
  • Certification date
  • Certification number
  • Certification status
  • Information to confirm if the device supports mechanical engines, an engine control module, or both
  • Information to confirm if the device supports variable start time or midnight-only start time

What is the ELD Mandate?

An electronic logging device (ELD) is a device that connects directly to a vehicle's engine, and automatically logs driving times and collects the driver’s data, rather than requiring drivers to log manually by paper. An ELD mandate would require drivers to install an ELD device by a specific deadline or face fines and fees for not maintaining compliance. This device tracks and records a driver's Hours of Service by replacing the old method of logging by paperwork. By electronically tracking the driver’s whereabouts and hours on the road, this helps companies maintain compliance and ensure that their drivers are abiding by the law and not exceeding maximum driving hours, which could increase their risk of crashing due to driving fatigue.

What are the Benefits?

  • Enforcing this mandate has a number of benefits for both the drivers and the employers.
  • Drivers are forced to comply with federal Hours of Service rules
  • Drivers can navigate around construction and traffic more efficiently
  • Less mistakes and exceptions compared to the paper logging method
  • Keeps dispatchers up-to-date on the driver’s status
  • Allows dispatchers to better plan for loads
  • Reduces risk of crashes due to fatigued driving

How DISA Can help

Once your ELD is installed, DISA Global Solutions can help you maintain your Hours of Service compliance with ELD Log auditing. DISA also offers traditional paper-based log audit solutions, including DVIR audits, for fleets with ELD exempt vehicles. In addition, our compliance solutions include a wide range of services, such as DOT drug & alcohol testing, DOT background check, operating authorities and permitting, fuel tax reporting, fuel tax refunds, and driver qualification file management. By maintaining compliance, your drivers and trucking services will hold a higher level of safety standards, helping to keep the roads safe, as well as those around them.

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