Day with DISA 2019 – An Employee Screening Conference for Safety-Sensitive Companies

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Last year DISA Global Solutions hosted its first ‘Day with DISA’ conference and networking event. With more than 400 attendees from 260 different companies the event became the second largest drug testing conference in the U.S. This free-to-attend conference focused on marijuana drug testing and hosted experts from across the industry for eight sessions ranging from “State Marijuana Laws and Litigation Strategies” to “Emerging Technologies” to “Designing a Program that Works with Your Marijuana Laws”.

Day with DISA 2019

In 2019, the Day with DISA conference will contain even more expert advice, trends, and industry insights at no cost to attendees. DISA is increasing the number of sessions from 8 to 12, working with our partners to offer continuing education credits, and we’ve expanded the focus from just marijuana drug testing to include the following employee screening topics:

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Background Check
  • DOT/Transportation Compliance
  • General DER Information

A Day with DISA also includes a unique networking opportunity with peers, as well as the chance to speak directly with several industry experts and presenters about current employee screening trends.

As the second largest drug testing conference in the U.S., 99% of attendees found the event valuable and said that they plan on attending again in 2019! With such a big turn out the first year, we only expect things to grow bigger moving forward. If you don’t want to miss out on this year’s sessions register today!

Who Should Attend:

  • Employees who are responsible for ensuring safety at their workplace or facility.
  • Employers who are impacted by new or pending employee screening legislation.
  • Employers who are looking to build a culture of safety in their workplace.
  • Anyone wanting to learn about drug testing, background check, & DOT compliance.
  • Anyone that would benefit from hearing about the latest employee screening trends.

The Day with DISA conference provided attendees with in-depth knowledge of the employee screening industry.

2019 Sessions Include:

  • State Marijuana Laws and Litigation Strategies
  • Designing Your Policy to Work with State Laws
  • How to Handle CBD Oil in Your Workplace
  • Detecting Marijuana Impairment with a Breathalyzer
  • What’s in a Background Check? How Are Products Different?
  • Your Background Check Came Back with a Hit. Now What? (Adverse Action)
  • ATA Regulatory Update and Transportation Outlook
  • Driver Qualification Files: What’s in It & How Do You Keep It Up to Date?
  • Effectively Managing Tax & Permitting for Your Fleet
  • Employee Screening 101: What, When, Who, and How
  • eCCF Roundtable Discussion with a TPA, Lab, Collection Site, MRO, and Customer

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