Day with DISA 2019 Attendance Breaks Records

Day with DISA 2019 Crowd

Day with DISA continues to be a tremendous success thanks to our hardworking DISA employees, our speakers who provide pertinent, informative, and in-depth content, and our generous sponsors who support the event. Last year, our first Day with DISA conference brought in over 400 attendees. Just one year later, our 2019 event has doubled with more than 800 attendees, making it one of the largest employee screening events in the U.S.

We’ve already begun planning for Day with DISA 2020, and we anticipate it to be even bigger and better than the past. It’s our pleasure to host such a great crowd and would like to emphasize some of the outstanding feedback we received from our attendees.

“This is a first-class event.”

“Well-organized and very insightful.”

“Everyone was so attentive and helpful!”

“I heard about this event last year and wanted to come see for myself what all the talk was about. I am so impressed and will be back again next year!”

DISA’s CEO, John Peterson, was asked about 2019’s success and said, “Our mission is to provide a platform to share information and best practices. This conference supports that mission by offering twelve educational sessions on the latest industry trends and challenges and a forum for networking with industry leaders and peers.

"We are working to continually enhance Day with DISA with the most impactful sessions, even more networking opportunities, and continuing education credits. Additionally, we’ll continue to enhance this event based upon attendee feedback and by addressing the most topical or challenging issues facing our industry. Our second annual conference broke new record attendance, and we look forward to preparing for another successful year!”

Special thanks to our sponsor partners for their participation. They were invaluable in helping educate the industry on the latest trends during our networking.

Title Sponsor

Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL)

Platinum Sponsors


Quest Diagnostics

Abbott Laboratories

Gold Sponsors

Form Fox

OraSure Technologies



Nova Medical Centers


Finally, thank you to all of our speakers who took time out of their busy schedules to come educate and inform the industry on upcoming trends and challenges. This event continues to grow and receive such positive feedback from attendees because of your participation and the substantive content you present each year.


· Nina French - Managing Partner at Current Consulting

· Faye Caldwell - Legal Advisor & Litigator at Caldwell Everson PLLC

· Frank Bernard - Vice President of Ethics and Compliance at DISA Global Solutions

· Dr. Mike Lynn - CEO at Hound Labs, Inc.

· Abigail S. Potter - Policy Manager at American Trucking Association

· Vince Brodt - Vice President of Client Experience at SJV & Associates

· Sean O’Donnell - Assistant Vice President of Operations at DISA Global Solutions

· Dr. David Kuntz - Executive Director of Analytical Toxicology at Clinical Reference Laboratory

· Deborah Sorchevich - Director of Background Check at DISA Global Solutions

· R. H. Barry Sample, Ph.D. - Senior Director of Science and Technology at Quest Diagnostics

· Charles Farone - General Manager at DISA Global Solutions

· Dr. Ryan Paulsen - Senior Research Chemist at Psychemedics

· Kristiana “Kristi” Tobey - Driver Qualification Manager at DISA Global Solutions

· Chase MacCourtney - Product and Operations Manager at FormFox

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