DISA acquires Motion Picture Compliance Solutions (MPCS)

MPCS Acquisition Handshake

DISA Global Solutions (DISA) has completed another strategic acquisition in our Transportation Compliance Division. On April 1, 2019, DISA acquired Motion Picture Compliance Solutions, Inc. (MPCS), a national transportation compliance organization whose team of experts developed a comprehensive, accessible, and dynamically flexible compliance platform with special focus on the motion picture, commercial and digital media industries.

Located just 15 miles from Hollywood, California, MPCS has quickly become a well-respected service provider for multimedia production companies throughout the country. MPCS provides customers with a single source solution for achieving state and federal DOT compliance with services such as driver logs, driver qualification, background check, drug and alcohol management, and vehicle maintenance file management. As a trusted partner of several movie and television studios, MPCS has gained a reputation for exceptional customer support, innovative services, and a personalized approach to meet their individual needs.

A Suite of Solutions

Motion Picture Compliance Solutions is constantly utilizing advanced technology to service their customers’ needs smarter and faster. One of the best examples of this is MAPP, the company’s mobile application that enables drivers to conveniently and efficiently process Department of Transportation-required driver qualification documents on the go and from their phone!

In addition to MAPP, MPCS offers 3 other solutions that round out a comprehensive service for their customers.

· FLEET is MPCS’ efficient and simple tool for customers to log and track commercial vehicle usage and documentation. Through FLEET, customers receive 24/7 access to the information they require to maintain their compliance status as a registered Federal Motor Carrier.

· D3 is MPCS’ web-based platform utilized to track and manage drug & alcohol, driver qualification, hours of service, and/or motor vehicle compliance.

· TRAIN is an online training solution utilized to build in-demand skills and earn valuable credentials. These courses include both free and elective courses with the goal of creating a safer road for the public at large.

Max Johnson, MPCS President, who founded the company along with his wife and business partner Audrey Johnson, added, “I joined a union in 1985 and worked my way up to coordinator where at times, we had more than 300 drivers and it felt like safely qualifying them was pretty close to impossible. Having been a driver myself, I founded MPCS to specifically address the challenges our industry was facing. Now I can look back and we’ve built an industry-leading brand and a companywide culture of quality and customer service. Over the past few months, while considering joining the DISA family, it was important to me that our customers would continue to receive a high level of customer service and best in class products. In that time, I have gotten to know their leadership team and I firmly believe our customers will continue to enjoy both.”

Audrey Johnson, MPCS CFO and Co-Founder added, “We have similar company core values and our philosophies towards customer service are aligned. I believe both our employees and customers will be positively impacted as a result of this transaction!”

John Peterson, DISA’s CEO, stated, “We are excited to have MPCS join the DISA family. This transaction increases our depth and expertise, expands our presence on the West Coast, brings new technology solutions and platforms (MAPP, D3, FLEET, and TRAIN) to our Transportation Compliance Division and provides a pathway to serve a new niche market. We certainly appreciate Max and Audrey entrusting us to continue building upon the great business they have started.”

We look forward to working with our new colleagues, sharing best practices, and supporting their efforts. MPCS has a very impressive list of customers and we are excited to partner with them to provide an even greater scope of services to assist them in mitigating risks, maintaining compliance, and safeguarding their companies.”

DISA is committed to providing all customers with comprehensive transportation compliance and employee screening programs. To ensure continuity, both Max and Audrey Johnson will be present every step of the way to facilitate a smooth transition and have promoted Lisa Dinson to Director of Client Relations. Additionally, DISA will maintain the existing MPCS office in San Fernando, California, as well as the teams that have retained such high customer loyalty. Their experience and customer relationships are invaluable, and we’re excited they’re now part of the DISA family of companies!

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