DISA Expands Our Transportation Compliance Division into Canada

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DISA Global Solutions continues its commitment to best serve our transportation clients by advancing our Transportation Compliance Division through service enhancements and expanded coverage.

We are pleased to announce that on July 5th, DISA took significant steps towards that commitment by acquiring two highly regarded Canadian based companies, Permax Permit Services, Ltd. based out of Saint-Laurent, Quebec, and 730 Permit Services Inc, based out of Brockville, Ontario. These two companies perfectly compliment the DISA Transportation Compliance line of business with licensing, permitting, and fuel tax. They also bring us new capabilities such as the ability to process cross-border load permits and a customer support team who speak Quebec’s native French language.

Permax Permit Services, Ltd, located in the French speaking province of Quebec, has more than 30 years’ experience focused on the North American transportation compliance industry. Since 1986, the Permax team has worked vigorously with US and Canadian trucking companies to ensure they are kept fully informed and compliant to any regulatory changes that may affect them. Superior, customer centric service in the areas of fuel tax, licensing and permitting, and trucking authorities has made Permax a service leader in the province of Quebec.

730 Permit Services Inc. located in Brockville, Ontario, has been providing fast and efficient services in trucking authorities, permits, licensing, tax, and compliance since 1992 for the North America transportation industry. 730 Permit Services adds to DISA’s traditional transportation compliance service offerings with a Canadian version of driver qualification files, cross-border electronic manifests, and locations throughout Ontario that serve as drug and alcohol collection sites. Much like Permax, 730 Permit Services’ customer centric focus has created a strong reputation for superior service, and they are a true leader amongst their peers in the province of Ontario.

John Peterson, DISA Global Solutions’ CEO commented, “By acquiring Permax Permit Services and 730 Permit Services, DISA continues to broaden our team of experienced subject matter experts, increase our array of value-add services, and further expand our geographic reach allowing us to provide a single source and comprehensive solution for our valued clients.”

DISA’s VP of Product Strategy and Development, Steven Spencer stated, “We continue to solidify our position as a major provider in licensing, permitting, and fuel tax while also expanding our service into Canada. This gives DISA a powerful position of being able to help transportation companies that need our products inside the United States as well as helping those that have needs on the US-Canada border.”

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