DISA Global Solutions Completes Acquisition of Crimcheck

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We are pleased to announce that on December 9, 2022, DISA acquired Crimcheck, a comprehensive background screening and risk mitigation services provider. Once again, we are strategically expanding our geographic reach, subject matter and technical expertise, as well as our depth of service. This is DISA's 31st acquisition since 2017, complementing our strong organic growth over the same period and accelerating our growth strategy. Additionally, Crimcheck has an extensive network of integrated ATS, HRM, and PEO partners and highly automated user-friendly applications that our combined customers will benefit from significantly.

Founded in 1991, Crimcheck is an award-winning background check provider for more than 6,000 companies across diverse sectors. Accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), Crimcheck's comprehensive tools provide compliance support for companies alongside an industry-leading customer experience. Crimcheck stands out from the competition with its cutting-edge and efficiency-maximizing technology, internal expertise, and enthusiastic customer service. This combination has led to a 99% customer satisfaction rating and repeat appearances in the prestigious HRO Baker's Dozen Customer Satisfaction survey.

Crimcheck's history of robust channel partnerships with ATS, HRM, and PEO vendors makes them valuable partners across our business. Additionally, DISA immediately benefits from the continued diversification of our product mix and further expansion of market share in the healthcare sector. This is the third transaction in 2022 that has a large customer base in the healthcare industry and strengthens our quickly growing presence in that market.

"In addition to having similar customer-first philosophies, Crimcheck has a risk-aware customer base that makes them an ideal candidate to join the DISA family. As a result of Crimcheck's internal expertise, high customer loyalty, and diversified client base, we are excited to partner with them to provide an expanded suite of services. We are thrilled about the acquisition of cutting-edge technology that Crimcheck utilizes on its platform. The entire executive team is looking forward to working with subject matter experts throughout this team to leverage their innovative software for the benefit of our entire organization. It will be a pleasure to work together to serve the best interests of our collective customers.".

John Peterson, DISA's President and CEO

Tom Shieh, Crimcheck CEO, added, "This is an ideal partnership between DISA and Crimcheck. We are eager to join the DISA family of companies and partner together to build from our collective strengths. Our businesses are built on the same commitment to serve customers, provide the highest quality services, and ensure compliance across complex industries. The alignment of our customer-centric focus and compliance-driven approach makes me confident that together will continue to provide a best-in-class experience no matter the industry sector. Additionally, Crimcheck employees will benefit from significant opportunities to grow, work on exciting new projects, and be a part of one of the largest providers in our industry."

DISA is committed to providing all customers with comprehensive employee screening programs and exceptional customer support.

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