DISA Leaps into the Future with AI/Machine Learning Technology

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If you thought you had seen it all...look again!

DISA's 2019 April Fools Joke: DISA Global Solutions recently launched DISAWorks 2.0, our next-gen platform, and it was designed and built on modern architectural patterns. As a result, customers are able to work smarter and faster inside DISAWorks.

The launches of DISAWorks 2.0 and WalkMe were such a hit with customers that we immediately started asking ourselves, “What’s next?” and “How do we continue to improve the customer experience?” If you frequent technology blogs or stay up-to-date on the latest business trends, you know the rules have been reset and the answer was obvious.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

DISA has partnered with Cyberdyne Systems out of Sunnyvale, California to create an artificial intelligence system that will continually learn and optimize our solutions. Imagine a TPA that knows what you need before you need it. As soon as your quarterly random selections are generated, DISA will be able to proactively analyze your needs, and make recommendations for when employees should be given their tests, what locations will be the fastest, and more.

DISA is working hard to create a Solution-oriented, Knowledgeable, Yearlong system of Networked Employee Testing (SKYNET ), and together with Cyberdyne Systems, your future is in its hands.

As we get closer to our August 29th launch date, I’ll be back to release new information about this revolutionary artificial intelligence and machine learning solution. Our customers will soon be able to focus on other priorities, and let our AI system handle large parts of their drug and alcohol testing, background check, and transportation compliance solutions without worrying about if they’re complying with the latest local and federal laws.

So, come with me if you want to live a life of less stress and spend your time focused on other important company projects. The machines will rise and help us into a new period of automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence that makes our lives easier.

See you on August 29th!

One Final Thought

If you’ve gotten this far and haven’t picked up on the hints, congratulations! Don’t ruin the surprise, send this article on, and see if you can brighten someone else’s April Fool’s Day. If you didn’t pick up on the prank, here are the hints you missed. Cyberdyne Systems created SKYNET, which took over all machines to create “The Terminator” and ultimately try to end humanity on August 29th. Throughout the five Terminator movies that have been released, some of the more notable phrases that were used in the promotion of the films were “If you thought you had seen it all...look again!” “The rules have been reset,” “Your future is in its hands,” “I’ll be back,” “Come with me if you want to live,” and “The machines will rise.” Take a moment to re-read the article and you’ll notice all of these quotes were in the paragraphs above. We hope you’ve enjoyed our April Fool’s Day Post!

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