DISA's 2020 Owner Survey: Creating Industry Best Practices

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DISA Global Solutions’ third annual Owner Survey aims to provide a better understanding of industry best practices by collecting, organizing, and reporting on important workplace safety topics. To offer as much industry insight as possible, we’ve gathered feedback and information on both upstream and downstream owners within our consortium regarding their employee screening processes. The results of the report help them to analyze and compare their practices and adjust their policies to better meet industry best practices.

This year’s Owner Survey included over 120 owners/operators in the oil & gas, chemical, and energy markets who perform drug testing. In return, each participant receives a customized, high-level report to identify how their facility compares to others in the industry to help them improve on practices that aren’t up to par.

The topics covered in the 2020 Owner Survey included:

  • Owner Trends
  • When, What, Why, and How Owners Are Testing
  • Point of Collection Tests (POCTs)
  • Background Check

*Owner Survey results are confidential and are not shared, except when included in a high-level analysis like this report. 70+% of owners that participated are using DISA Global Solutions in some capacity for drug testing.

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Here are a few key takeaways from the survey that employers should keep in mind when creating a safety and compliance policy:

  • There’s a noticeable shift towards multiple testing methodologies. 42% are already using dual testing methodologies to eliminate gaps in drug testing coverage, while 9% want to ADD a second testing method.
  • 70% of owners are implementing background check with regularly scheduled renewals.
  • Lack of labor pool, prescription abuse, drug-related activity, and alcohol abuse are the top trends that are increasing at sites/locations.
  • 79% of owners integrate with portal companies.
  • POCTs offer quicker access but risk false positives and increased costs. 1/3 of owners that used POCTs have seen false positives.
  • 68% of owners mandate a single provider for drug testing, with the leading reasons being standardized requirements, real-time tracking, ease of administration, and reciprocity.
  • Communication with employees regarding medical/recreational marijuana needs improvement. 70% aren’t even using medical disclosure forms, while 42% aren’t communicating marijuana or opioid-related information at all.
  • 71% of downstream owners offer temporary passes, while only 59% of upstream owners do.
  • 36% of owners saw a reduction in safety-related incidents upon implementing a drug testing program. 41% of owners saw a further reduction in safety-related incidents upon implementing a drug testing consortium. This is in addition to savings typically associated with a strong employee screening program, like reduced turnover, decreased absenteeism, lower insurance premiums.

Would you like to participate in the Owner Survey?

We’re always looking to increase the number of participants in our annual Owner Survey!

If you’re an owner or operator and would like to participate in the 2021 survey, please email ownersurvey@disa.com. Participants will receive a report highlighting how their answers compare to the 2020 Owner Survey participants, along with a custom analysis. They will also be included in the 2021 Owner Survey data set.

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