New Federal Custody and Control Form (CCF) Not Yet Approved.

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The National Laboratory Certification Program (NLCP) announced that the current Federal CCF will expire as of May 31, 2017.

On May 31, 2017, the National Laboratory Certification Program (NLCP) announced that the current Federal CCF will expire as of May 31, 2017. While documents have been submitted to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to extend the expiration date of the current Federal CCF by SAMHSA (The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), the OMB has not yet approved those documents.

The NLCP has released two guidelines that must be followed by all HHS-Certified Laboratories, Applicant Laboratories, NLCP Inspectors, and Medical Review Officer (MRO) Training/Certification Entities in the wake of the expiration of the Federal CCF.

First, as the 2017 CCF form has not been approved by OMB, laboratories are not allowed to use or accept the 2017 Federal CCF. Laboratories must reject any specimen that is received with a 2017 Federal CCF until the occasion that OMB approves the form.

Second, all current procedures done by HHS-certified laboratories must continue to be done using the 2014-approved Federal CCF. Any procedure done using the proposed 2017 CCF will not be accepted.

The NLCP will release a notice once OMB has approved the 2017 Federal CCF form.

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