About the author

With over thirty years in the end-to-end supply chain & transportation industry, Ray has been instrumental in driving operational efficiencies and enhancing compliance with FMCSA DOT regulations, fostering significant growth and success in operational capacities.

Ray's educational background, including a bachelor's degree in engineering from Widnes Technical Institute in the UK, has provided him with a strong understanding of the technical aspects of transportation and logistics. With global and domestic logistics management, he possesses a complete understanding of the supply chain needs of small, medium, and large importers/exporters. His expertise includes managing freight and cargo movement throughout the USA, covering LTL, FTL, Air, and Intermodal services. Ray also has end-to-end expertise in supply chain processes and exceptional planning and organizational skills designed to manage rapidly growing and shifting environments. Ray’s knowledge of both driver and asset compliance allows him to further educate his team and clients to keep cargo moving.

Throughout his career, Ray has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to excellence in driver training and trucking operations, which has been crucial to his progression into leadership roles. Known for a leadership style that promotes teamwork and skill enhancement, Ray ensures that his team is well-equipped to tackle the industry's evolving challenges. His active and ongoing participation in industry affiliations underscores his dedication to maintaining a leading edge in transportation compliance, instilling confidence in his expertise.

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