Spotted Lanternfly Trucking Permits and Quarantine

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture will begin a hard enforcement of a new permit required for trucks and shippers on May 1, who are located or work in a quarantine zone for Spotted Lanternflies (SLF). The enforcement will include roadside stops by the State Police and Department of Agriculture in Pennsylvania, as well as nearby states who will be checking logs and bills of lading. 

The quarantine region includes 13 counties in Eastern Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, Berks, Lancaster, Lebanon, Bucks, Schuylkill, Lehigh, Northampton, Carbon, and Monroe. Several New Jersey counties, as well as the Winchester, Virginia area are also currently subjected to the provisions, but please monitor the quarantine closely as this could change. 

What is a Spotted Lanternfly?

So, what’s all the buzz about this fly? The Spotted Lanternfly is an infectious insect that is detrimental to trees and agriculture. This invasive planthopper is native to China, India, and Vietnam, but has been discovered in Pennsylvania and is spreading throughout several counties. It greatly impacts several agricultural crops, such as grape, hops, and hardwoods, which directly affects those in the timber, beer, and wine industries. This also reduces the quality of life for those who live in heavily infested areas, especially homeowners who will be plagued by the “sap” that the insect feeds off of.

For more detailed information regarding the Spotted Lanternfly and its effects on life and agriculture, click here to visit the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Who Requires a Permit?

Trucks or shippers that meet the following are required to have a permit or else will face fines, criminal/civil penalties, or be turned away. Those who need a permit include trucks or shippers who:

  • Are based in the quarantine zone
  • Load in the quarantine zone
  • Stop for a period of time in the quarantine zone, e.g., rest stops

What Can DISA Do?

Unfortunately, DISA Global Solutions cannot obtain these permits for you, as it is recommended that a designated representative of the carrier complete training and obtain the permits. Please have your company representative complete the free online training here:



Once the training has been completed, the company representative must then train their drivers or, for shippers, employees. Drivers in permitted trucks will be asked questions regarding SLF to verify that they have been trained. Cab stickers or mirror hangers are evidence of being permitted. Shippers can get stickers for their bills of lading.

For those who work in this industry and do not have a permit, this can greatly impact your workflow, compliance, credibility, etc. It’s pertinent that companies are proactive in getting employees trained and obtaining permits to prevent any fees, fines, penalties, or disruptions in services and day-to-day operations.

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