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Employers value drug screening services like those offered by DISA because the results enable them to make informed staffing decisions that help keep their workplaces and job sites safe. The advancement of on-site mobile testing has taken that benefit and made it even easier to realize.

We first began offering mobile testing services in 2009, and in the years since we’ve refined our process and broadened our reach to make on-site testing a valid option for employers nationwide.

DISA’s Service Center Manager and National Mobile On-Site Manager Mark Breaux has seen an expansion in demand for these services firsthand, which he credits to the speed and efficiency he and his teams are able to offer to employers. “We’ll bring the computer to a site, check in DISAWorks to see if each contractor is active, perform any necessary tests and get these guys ready with paperwork in hand before they even get to the gate,” says Breaux.

This efficiency is the main selling point for mobile testing—and with good reason. “For a company that needs to get 20 people tested, if they send that many people to clinic, they’re going to lose a lot of time and a lot of money,” Breaux says.

By contrast, on-site testing offers compliant/non-compliant results in almost no time. Basic drug and alcohol testing, when done on-site, takes only five minutes. To run a full series of respirator fit, pulmonary function and audiometric testing takes roughly 20 minutes, which still pales in comparison to what can amount to a whole day of downtime when sending contractors to clinics for the same tests.

A key on-site testing tool is a trailer. While some employers have an on-site space that’s suitable for testing, many make use of our mobile trailers to serve as testing hubs. At DISA, we have several at our disposal that can be quickly dispatched to job sites whenever testing services are needed. The largest, known as “The Ark,” is a 42-foot multi-function trailer that allows testers to run a full gamut of tests with ease.

DISA now has the capability to run mobile testing programs across the US, thanks in part to our recent acquisition of MTS, whose on-site testing services reach Indiana, Florida, Ohio and North Carolina. DISA is currently testing at sites in Texas, California, Washington, Louisiana and Oklahoma, and recently completed projects in Kansas and New Mexico.

At each of our current testing sites, we’re performing what’s known as a “turnaround service.” When a refinery needs maintenance, a portion of the facility will close and teams of contractors will be brought in to complete necessary updates and repairs. Each of those contractors will need to be tested for compliance before entering the premises—which is where on-site testing comes in.

These turnaround services are a key growth point for DISA’s mobile testing business. “Contractors will come in for a turnaround, go through the on-site service and then ask if we can come out to their other job sites to do testing there, too—it’s all word-of-mouth,” says Breaux.

Mobile testing means our advanced screening services are available around the clock. The results offer instant clearance for contractors, saving their employers time and money. We’re looking forward to implementing this service on an even broader scale to enable more employers to make the most informed staffing decisions possible.

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