Industry Insights

The True Costs of Substance Abuse

The opioid epidemic is a growing issue within our nation, and when it comes to the workplace, substance abuse factors into many other issues that could be costing the employer. DISA works with clients to ensure safety in the workplace in order to prevent such losses, or substantial impacts to your business. 

Tools, such as DISA's Drug Testing Abuse Calculator, are made available so that you can manage potential costs that drugs in the workplace could have on you.  This calculator allows you to determine a cost that could impact you based on your employee count, and whether you're in a safety sensitive industry or not. Turnover, loss of time, and health care expenses can all be affected by substance abuse, and create a significant increase in costs for employers.

With over 20.8 million Americans affected with substance abuse, the workplace allows employers to be proactive by enforcing drug testing policies, and/or pre-employment screenings. Those who abuse prescription drugs are often more likely to be late to work, call in sick, or even injured on the job, all of which can lead to higher costs for companies. Employees who are using are more likely to undergo a treatment and recovery plan if their company takes action and helps to initiate it. Employees who stay vigilant and are proactive will reduce the costs of health care, turnover, and unscheduled leave. 

When clients choose DISA, they’re able to maintain consistent safety protocol and standards for employees and staff. Our services are focused on assisting companies with the proper procedures to enforce preventative measures for employee health, and a safe working environment.