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Quarterly Owner Survey

Quarterly Owner Survey

DISA Global Solutions provides a quarterly Owner Survey offering a better understanding of industry best practices by collecting, organizing, and reporting on topics important to safety-sensitive site owners. Since 2018, the owner survey has helped owners/operators analyze and compare their practices and policies with their peers and adjust them to better meet industry best practices.

Each quarter, we aim to offer as much industry insight as possible while covering a wide range of topics, including: 

  • Owner Trends When, What, Why, and How Owners Are Testing
  • Point of Collection Tests (POCTs)
  • Background Screening
  • Hiring Issues & Workforce Challenges
  • COVID-19 Impact on Site Owners
  • Industry Expectations

Who Is It For?

Since 2019, our owner surveys have had hundreds of participating safety-sensitive sites in the oil & gas, chemical, and energy industries. In return, each participant receives a customized, high-level report to identify how their facility compares to other safety-sensitive sites and which new best practices are appearing in the industry. DISA is always looking to increase the number of our participants to help enhance our data and provide custom analysis. If you’re an owner or operator and would like to participate in the survey, please email

Benefits of the Owner Survey

Our participants receive a detailed report that they can use to compare their own facility practices to other safety-sensitive sites. By getting a glimpse into the inner workings of other facilities, participants can better understand the practices and procedures they should apply to their own sites. These comparisons paint a clearer picture of not only current trends and practices but expectations for the future. Having a thorough knowledge of your industry gives insight to help facilities enhance and implement practices and procedures they might not have identified. This helps to build a culture of safety in their workplace and allows them to keep up with best practices.

*Owner Survey results are confidential and are not shared, except when included in a high-level analysis like this report. 70+% of owners that participated are using DISA Global Solutions in some capacity for drug testing.