DISA’s Financial Investigative Services (FIS) division works closely with attorneys and paralegals, such as those involved in litigation practices relating to bankruptcies, real estate, and corporate investments. Attorneys rely on our thorough due diligence investigations to provide comprehensive public records and verifications for their clients.

Additionally, these investigations help to provide insight associated with investments, executive hires, M&A, vendors, and commercial real estate transactions. Our investigations assist in uncovering information regarding the subject entities and individuals, such as:

  • Civil Filings 
  • Judgments 
  • Liens 
  • Dockets (Complaints and Last Actions) 
  • UCC Filings 

Benefits of DISA’s FIS Division

DISA’s FIS division provides clients with in-depth reports to mitigate risks and help them make informed decisions.  Our experts can assist in retrieving comprehensive information customized to the client’s needs. Our search results span across county, state, and federal levels, along with nationwide and international reach to minimize your risk.

Benefits of utilizing DISA’s FIS division include:  

  • Determining character and reputation 
  • Ensuring validity and accuracy  
  • Determining creditworthiness of an investment  
  • Secretary of State - foreign and domestic (Status, Mergers, Name Changes) 
  • Employment and Education Verifications  

Our extensive research techniques will go beyond the standard background services, catering to attorney’s needs. Clients value our vast market knowledge, courthouse experience, expedited timelines, and appreciation of legal, ethical, and business perspectives.

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