Enhanced Due Diligence Services

Enhanced Due Diligence Services: Comprehensive Background Checks and Investigations

Safeguard your business with our thorough, enhanced due diligence services, providing detailed background checks, sanctions and watchlist screenings, professional history assessments, and criminal & civil records investigations.

Our enhanced due diligence investigations offer a comprehensive approach to public records research, ensuring that senior HR, executives, franchisors, and senior leadership can make well-informed decisions and mitigate risk in crucial business ventures.

Core Features

  • Industry Reputation: Uncover noteworthy and adverse information through industry and media coverage analysis.
  • Sanctions & Watchlists: Expose potential political exposure, global sanctions violations, and regulatory body violations.
  • Professional History: Gain a detailed overview of an individual's professional track record and corporate relationships.
  • Criminal & Civil Records: Obtain comprehensive criminal, civil, bankruptcy, judgments, and liens reporting.

Accurate and Thorough Reporting with Enhanced Due Diligence Services

In today's information-rich world, investigating entities and individuals can be a daunting task. With over 3,000 counties across the United States, each with its own court and record system, there is no unified database containing all records from every jurisdiction.

Many due diligence and background check companies produce reports missing valuable data, either because they failed to send an investigator to a specific courthouse or their reports are filled with excess information and filler content, resulting in frustration and potential losses.

Our experienced team offers comprehensive litigation reporting through both public record searches and on-site court investigations, ensuring the most thorough reports in the industry. Each report is carefully reviewed by a senior team member for quality control, helping businesses across all industries prevent devastating losses by performing essential enhanced due diligence for hiring, investing, lending, and other crucial business actions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in enhanced due diligence investigations?

Investigations typically include a full review of public records, such as corporate registration, civil and criminal legal records, bankruptcies, judgments, liens, local and English-language media, internet records, and cross-referencing of sanctions lists and political exposure databases. Our goal is to create a reputational profile for our clients to make the best possible business decisions.

How do your enhanced due diligence services differ from other providers?

We combine human research and technological advancements to ensure accurate information and faster turnaround times. Our research staff is trained to see subjects holistically, using the totality of research findings to confirm, question, and present the most comprehensive report possible.

When do clients generally require your enhanced due diligence investigation services?

Our clients typically request enhanced due diligence prior to closing mergers or acquisitions, before public filings, ahead of equity or cash investments, or as a regular part of their anti-bribery & corruption (ABC) and/or anti-money laundering (AML) programs. Protect your business from potential risks by using our enhanced due diligence services to make informed decisions and safeguard your company's future. DISA’s enhanced due diligence can save your business from costly mistakes and mitigate your risks.