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Education and Employment Verifications

Companies often perform due diligence background checks to verify information provided by individuals, organizations, or entities for various purposes, including hiring employees, selecting business partners, and conducting mergers and acquisitions. Due diligence checks may include criminal record checks, credit checks, employment history verifications, education verifications, and reference checks. These checks involve reviewing public records and conducting interviews to ensure the information is accurate, complete, and reliable.

Employment Verification

Employment is a key piece in the due diligence process. DISA Global Solutions can confirm the authenticity of an individual's work experience, job titles, dates of employment, and other crucial details, ensuring accuracy through contact with previous employers or verification services. Employment verification involves confirming a candidate's work history and details. By conducting these checks, companies reduce the risk of conducting business with individuals who may misrepresent their qualifications while promoting trust and maintaining the integrity of the process.

Education Verification

Similarly, DISA’s FIS division’s education verification involves an in-depth process. We understand the importance of confirming an individual's educational qualifications to establish credibility and expertise. By contacting educational institutions, education verification validates an individual’s educational qualifications, including dates of attendance, degrees and certifications. This enables companies to make informed decisions by verifying the accuracy of a person's background information and ensuring they possess the necessary qualifications.

Going beyond the basic background check

DISA’s FIS division provides accurate employment and education verifications through a comprehensive approach, ensuring that the information regarding an individual is thoroughly checked and verified.

By offering these financial investigative services, DISA Global Solutions delivers high assurance to businesses and organizations. They are vital in mitigating the risk of individuals with fabricated employment histories or misleading educational qualifications. With DISA’s accurate employment and education verifications, companies can confidently make informed decisions, doing business with candidates with the necessary qualifications and credentials.

DISA Global Solutions is the perfect partner for companies seeking education and employment verifications. When combined with our comprehensive range of services, such as criminal record checks, bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments, and credit checks, FIS can help businesses make informed decisions and minimize risks.