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Industries We Serve

DISA Global Solutions FIS Division is dedicated to serving diverse industries, providing comprehensive solutions designed to meet their specific requirements. We cater to a diverse range of sectors, including:

Commercial Real Estate: We provide tailored solutions for the real estate sector, including background investigations on borrowing entities and individuals. Trust us to help you make informed decisions, reduce risks, and maintain compliance in your real estate ventures.

Attorneys: As legal professionals, your reputation is paramount. Our services include thorough background checks, credential verification, and risk management solutions, ensuring you can build a reliable team and maintain the integrity of your firm.

Private Equity: We offer comprehensive due diligence solutions for private equity firms, including background screening and compliance management. Rely on us to help you make informed investment decisions and protect your portfolio.

Venture Capital: We support venture capitalists with specialized services such as background investigations encompassing character, reputation, and creditworthiness. This type of investigation enables you to evaluate potential investments and manage risks effectively.

Franchises: Maintain the quality and reputation of your franchise with our comprehensive services. We provide financial due diligence investigations, to help you minimize risk by selecting the right franchisees and maintaining your brand standards.

DISA Global Solutions FIS Division is a dedicated partner to various sectors, providing comprehensive, industry-specific solutions. Entrusting us with these vital tasks not only safeguards your reputation but also contributes to the overall success of your business.