In the fast-paced world of franchising, making informed decisions based on thorough research and analysis is crucial. Our Financial Investigative Services provide a rigorous method of performing background checks domestically and internationally, using a team of dedicated private investigators, abstractors, and paralegals. Tailored to fit the needs of the franchise industry, our services ensure comprehensive, in-depth insights that equip you to make strategic decisions.

Recognizing that each franchise operation has unique needs and budget constraints, we offer several tiered levels of investigations. Whether planning to expand your franchise network or considering finding a new partner, our services are designed to accommodate your specific requirements.

Unlike typical background checks that rely on database resources, our financial due diligence research is performed in the courthouse. This approach ensures that we gather information directly from the source, providing a more accurate and comprehensive view of the financial status and history of potential franchisees, franchisors, or business partners.

Our Offerings:

Ideal for gaining an initial understanding of a franchisee's business standing, our basic research includes the following:

  • Corporate Records Research: This helps you understand the corporate structure and affiliations of the potential franchise partner.
  • Bankruptcy Filings, State & Federal Tax Liens, Judgment Filings, Federal and Civil Litigation: These reveal any potential financial or legal red flags.
  • Criminal Records: These checks ensure the franchisee is in good standing and has no serious legal issues.

For a deeper dive into the financial health and reputation of a potential franchise partner, we offer an expanded service, which includes all the basic research elements plus:

  • Media Research: We analyze media coverage to gauge public perception and reputation.
  • Property Search: We uncover property ownership.
  • Verification of Employment, Education, Professional Licensing, and Other Credentials: These checks validate the credibility of the franchise partner.
  • Bank Affiliations: FIS will verify banking relationships.

In the franchise industry, due diligence is crucial to avoid costly mistakes and ensure the longevity of your business. By choosing our Financial Investigative Services, you can access a dedicated research team that provides detailed, accurate, and actionable insights.

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