Safety Tips for Your Fleet During CVSA’s 2020 Operation Safe Driver Week

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The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) 2020 Operation Safe Driver Week is a week-long driving safety initiative that encourages and enforces safe driving standards for both commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers and everyday drivers. This year, Operation Safe Driver Week runs from July 12, 2020, through July 18, 2020, with an emphasis on speeding and unsafe driving behaviors.

Due to stay-at-home orders, the Governors Highway Safety Association has reported that less traffic may be encouraging drivers to ignore traffic laws. According to the data, the average speed in March and April increased by as much as 75% compared to January and February for the five largest U.S. metropolitan areas. Law enforcement personnel will be encouraged to issue warnings or citations to CMV and passenger vehicle drivers engaging in reckless driving behaviors.

What Can Employers Do?

As your drivers take on the road, there are many ways to ensure they comply with safe driving standards. With the ever-changing FMCSA and DOT regulations due to COVID-19, it’s more important now than ever before for employers to remain in-the-loop on transportation industry requirements.

Drug Testing Policy

Whether or not your company operates under a DOT policy, employers can ensure the safety of their drivers and others on the road with a clear and concise written drug testing policy. Those in safety-sensitive industries, such as transportation, have to abide by specific laws or regulations, including those set under DOT agencies. An employer’s policy should be accompanied by a medical disclosure policy, which requires an employee to disclose any doctor prescribed drug (marijuana or opioids) that may impair them while at work.

Fit-for-Duty Exam

A fit-for-duty exam determines if an employee is fit for the job at hand by undergoing various health procedures. Depending on the job, occupational health services can include physical exams, drug testing, respiratory testing, audiometric testing, etc. The occ health field is dedicated to providing medical services for safety-sensitive positions and therefore helps to increase workplace safety by preventing incidents caused by health and wellness. Since drivers are operating heavy machinery and could pose a risk to others on the road, you’ll want to ensure that they are physically and psychologically able to perform their duties.

Continuous Driver Monitoring

Partnering with Sambasafety, DISA offers continuous driver monitoring to transform the way you monitor your drivers. With continuous driver monitoring, you’ll receive real-time alerts when a driver gets a violation, gain additional insight into driving behaviors, and mitigate risks by determining who should or should not be driving. By implementing this technology, employers enhance their driver’s safety protocols and procedures and ensure that those on the road are the most reliable for the job.

How Can DISA Help?

DISA’s Transportation Compliance (DTC) team can assist employers with transportation regulations, rules, and requirements to ensure your drivers are remaining safe on the road. By committing to public safety, employers can prevent risks, fines, fees, and potential lawsuits. As your trusted TPA, DISA will ensure that you maintain compliance standards and adhere to any DOT mandated requirements.

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