Day With DISA 2020 Has Gone Digital

Day with DISA BIC

This year, DISA Global Solutions’ annual Day with DISA event will take place virtually from November 9-12. Each year the Day with DISA conference has nearly doubled its attendees, going from 400 attendees the first year to 800 in 2019, making it one of the largest employee screening events in the U.S.

To ensure all attendees, customers, and employees remain safe and healthy as we navigate the complexities of COVID-19, Day with DISA will be 100% digital this year. Attendees can look forward to Q&A with the speakers following their sessions, door prizes for live attendees, and more!


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Day with DISA 2020 is still FREE for all attendees and will offer even more expert advice and industry insights than last year. The new virtual format has allowed us to expand our traditional one-day schedule to four days of informative and interactive sessions (View the event schedule). This means attendees no longer have to pick and choose between sessions in the same time slot. Additionally, we have added four more presentations than last year!

Day with DISA 2020 Sessions Will Cover:

· Drug and Alcohol Testing

· Background Check

· Transportation Compliance

· Occupational Health

· Energy Owners/Operators

The Benefits of Virtual

DISA is working hard to ensure that you will receive the same quality educational experience that we pride ourselves on delivering at Day with DISA. As a benefit of the event moving virtual, you can now enjoy the conference from the comfort of your own home or office. Additional benefits of the digital conference include:

· Free to attend! No Travel, Registration, or Hotel Costs - This digital event is truly free, and there are no hidden costs to attend.

· Live Q&A During the Events – Get more time with our session hosts as they’re available to answer questions for the entire hour!

· Flexible Scheduling! - Every year we have attendees that couldn’t pick between two running at the same time. This year you don’t have to!

· Staying Safe and Healthy – DISA is working to ensure you get the same informative experience virtually, as you would from our traditional event, without the risk of getting sick.

When asked about this year’s event, DISA President and CEO John Peterson, stated: “We aimed to provide the same insightful and educational employment screening event as we have in the past, while taking everyone’s safety into consideration. Although, we’re faced with challenges this year, we look forward to presenting Day with DISA in this new digital format!

“Our team has worked hard to ensure another successful conference, without altering the integrity of the event. The sessions, speakers, and schedule have all been expanded to provide even more information, supporting our goal of helping our attendees build a safety of culture in their workplace, which is more important now than ever before.”

Who Should Attend?

For the third year in a row, we anticipate a large number of attendees from a variety of safety-sensitive industries, including Oil & Gas, Transportation, and Chemical. Last year, 95% of attendees surveyed planned on attending again in 2020. We welcome HR & Safety attendees from any industry, as well as:

  • Employees who are responsible for ensuring safety at their workplace or facility.
  • Employers who are impacted by new or pending employee screening legislation.
  • Employers who are looking to build a culture of safety in their workplace.
  • Anyone wanting to learn about drug testing, background check, & DOT compliance.
  • Anyone that would benefit from hearing about the latest employee screening trends.

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