DISA Celebrates 35th Anniversary

Disa 35 anniversary

DISA Global Solutions is 35 years old! We want to take this opportunity to thank our employees, customers, and vendor partners who have helped to make the last 35 years a success. DISA Global Solutions was founded in 1986 to provide quality service and a best-in-class customer experience. Since day one, we’ve worked to provide this level of service to our customers and partners, and we promise to continue to live up to this level of commitment. Today’s goal remains the same as the day we were founded, "enable customers to make smarter decisions and create a safer workplace."

When DISA began, it was with a single service, a handful of employees, and a dozen customers. Today, we have grown to almost 800 employees, many of whom are Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in their fields. DISA team members present at conferences across the country, sit on industry association boards, and drive positive change throughout the industry. We have expanded our product suite to include hundreds of services and work with more than 55,000 customers, including 27% of Fortune 500 cCompanies.

Since our inception, DISA’s valued customers have helped shape our company with requests that have led to many innovative new products and services. This year has been no exception. Several key highlights include the expansion of our on-site collection and occupational health services, broadening our transportation compliance menu, and bolstering our contractor monitoring capabilities via DISA Compliance Monitoring (DCM). Additionally, we successfully integrated with more Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS’s) and launched our own ATS solution (DISAHire). More recently, we started offering COVID testing and vaccine tracking to help employers combat the workplace challenges surrounding COVID-19. We remain committed to providing the most comprehensive employee screening and compliance services that assist our clients in safeguarding their business.

When asked about DISA’s 35th birthday, John Peterson, President and CEO of DISA Global Solutions, stated, "I’m exceptionally proud of the team here at DISA. Our team continues to display tremendous teamwork, a steadfast focus, and embody our core values. Each year, we strive to enhance our customer experience and define the DISA difference. As we hit this milestone birthday, I can’t help but look forward and be excited about DISA’s future. Finally, I want to thank our dedicated team, loyal customers, and strategic partners. We wouldn’t be here without you!"

We look forward to partnering with you for the next 35 years and beyond!

About DISA Global Solutions

Founded in 1986, DISA is the industry-leading provider of employee screening and compliance services. Headquartered in Houston, with more than 35 offices throughout the U.S. and Canada, DISA’s comprehensive scope of services includes drug and alcohol testing, background check, occupational health, and transportation compliance. DISA assists employers in making informed staffing decisions while building a culture of safety in their workplace.

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