DISA Celebrates 34 Years of Employment Screening Success

34 birthday

DISA Global Solutions is 34 years old! Throughout the years, DISA has excelled in the employment screening industry. Each year we expand our reach and scope of services while enhancing our overall customer experience. Each year DISA takes on new and exciting endeavors, adding to our suite of products and services, and 2020 was no exception with new integrations to SambaSafety and the launch of Continuous Driver Monitoring. Although we faced many challenges due to COVID-19, DISA has stood tall in the face of adversity, adapted to the “new normal,” and continued helping our customers build a culture of safety in their workplace.

DISA is defined by the individuals who make it a success. Growing from just 40 employees in 1986 to almost 800 employees today, the team continues expanding our areas of expertise and driving a best-in-class customer experience. In addition, our loyal customers have helped shape our company with requests that have led to many innovative new products like our consortium model for owners.

When asked about DISA’s growing success over the years, John Peterson, CEO of DISA Global Solutions, stated, “I’ve never felt more proud of our team. This year has been a tremendous display of teamwork, adaptability, a steadfast focus, and the embodiment of our core values. Each year I watch our company evolve and improve, and despite the headwinds, this year is no different. Finally, as DISA celebrates its 34th birthday, I want to thank our loyal customers. We wouldn’t be here without them!”

Over the years, DISA has expanded with the help of internal growth, acquisitions, and integrations. Revisiting our history, you can see some of the events that have helped us grow into the industry-leading TPA we are today.

Here are a few memorable milestones that have shaped DISA:

  • 1986 DISA was born!
  • 1992 DISA created the DISA Contractors Consortium (DCC).
  • 2002 DISA added background check services.
  • 2008 DISA bought its first acquisition, Drug Screens Etc., leading to many, many more in the years to come.
  • 2010 DISA led the way in battling the opioid epidemic by offering an expanded opiate panel.
  • 2012 DISA offered synthetic testing and expanded transportation compliance services with driver qualification files.
  • 2013, we expanded our offerings yet again into IFTA (fuel tax), Hours of Service safety compliance, fuel tax refunds, licensing and permitting, and registration services through our acquisition of Operating Tax Systems (OTS)
  • 2015 DISA added an 11-panel oral fluid testing consortium.
  • 2016 DISA changed leadership and welcomed John Peterson on board as President and CEO.
  • Between 2017 to 2019, DISA strategically acquired 28 companies!
  • 2020 DISA again expands transportation compliance services with continuous driver monitoring.

About DISA Global Solutions

Founded in 1986, DISA is the industry-leading provider of employee screening and compliance services. Headquartered in Houston, with more than 35 offices throughout the U.S. and Canada, DISA’s comprehensive scope of services includes drug and alcohol testing, background check, occupational health, and transportation compliance. DISA assists employers in making informed staffing decisions while building a culture of safety in their workplace.

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