DISA’s Continuous Driver Monitoring Program Controls Foreseeable Risk

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Continuous driver monitoring transforms the way an employer manages driver risk while reducing administrative burden, crashes, and cost over time. DISA Global Solutions is proud to provide a best-in-class driver monitoring solution with our valued partner Sambasafety. Data shows that ten percent of your drivers are responsible for 40 percent of your crashes, which translates to a loss of profit, increased downtime for equipment, and elevated hiring and training costs. Although not all drivers present the same risk, continuous driver monitoring helps employers identify violations before they result in crashes by getting insight into employee driving behavior that otherwise would’ve gone unnoticed.

What Is Continuous Driver Monitoring?

Continuous driver monitoring will automatically alert you when a driver from your company receives a negative violation, going above and beyond your standard motor vehicle record (MVR). An MVR is a report that will provide the driving history of an employee, and if under FMCSA regulations, will reveal information of all the states that the CDL license was held from the past three years, as well as annual updates. MVRs are helpful for pre-employment, however, the very next day, they could get a violation, and the employer wouldn’t be notified until the next MVR is pulled (whether that’s quarterly or annual).

With continuous driver monitoring, employers will be made aware of a violation in real-time, further enhancing safety and eliminating the visibility gap (unaddressed violations that occur in between MVRs). The continuous driver monitoring program also helps to address challenges often faced in the transportation industry, such as

  • FMCSA Clearinghouse
  • ELD Mandates/ELD Training Requirements
  • Increased Road Congestion
  • More Distracted Drivers
  • New Vehicle Technologies
  • Insurance Industry Under Pressure

How Can This Help Your Company?

Bad drivers can negatively affect an employer’s company by compromising safety and compliance and ruin their brand reputation. In addition, employers face significant risks and costs associated with a bad driver, including litigation and damages, insurance costs, crash and claim costs, and employee retention. DISA’s driver monitoring program helps employers to maintain compliance and enhance safety. Other benefits include:

  • Full 12-month visibility into a driver’s behavior
  • Reduced risk and liability with real-time alerts on negative driver activity
  • Increased employee retention through early intervention into negatively trending driver behavior
  • An automated and enforced consistent driver safety policy across your company
  • An ability to understand driver behavior across individuals and groups, and how to take proactive measures for improvement
  • Protecting your company, your employee(s), and your community with a culture of safety

Sambasafety’s data scientists have discovered compelling statistics confirming that continuous driver monitoring proves effective in ensuring and enhancing safety and compliance standards. After just one year of monitoring, our customers have revealed that they are successfully intervening when necessary to protect both their employees and their company. The data revealed the following:

  • 22% reduction in monthly violations
  • 14% reduction in monthly crashes
  • 32% reduction in company risk profile events

How Can DISA Help?

DISA can provide comprehensive driver monitoring solutions by partnering and utilizing Sambasafety’s platform, Qorta, to proactively identify who should or shouldn’t be driving. Our transportation compliance professionals make it easy to build and implement a driver monitoring program to help mitigate risks and help with FMCSA scores. When using a continuous driver monitoring program, employers are gaining additional insight into their driver’s behaviors. By partnering with Sambasafety, employers can access comprehensive license monitoring and standardized national MVRs, which are returned in seconds. Additionally, employers can track license status, proactively manage medical certificate expirations, and use driver scores to determine risk assessment.

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