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With over two decades of experience, Mia leads a dedicated team of compliance professionals responsible for maintaining a corporate compliance program that meets the Department of Justice’s standards of compliance and corporate responsibility. Her deep expertise in recruiting, onboarding, and training has been instrumental in building resilient teams equipped to manage complex compliance challenges across dynamic environments.

Mia pursued a major in Liberal Arts at Lonestar College. This broadened her perspective and honed her critical thinking skills, making her well-equipped to tackle the complex and ever-evolving landscape of compliance. The interdisciplinary nature of Liberal Arts education nurtured her ability to consider diverse viewpoints, collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams, and make ethical decisions that align with regulatory requirements. Also, Mia holds a Certificate in Substance Abuse Program Administration signifying her expertise in program planning, implementation, evaluation, and adherence to ethical standards in substance abuse treatment and prevention. Her leadership is defined by a hands-on approach to coaching and robust team building, significantly enhancing team performance and fostering a culture of accountability and collaboration. Mia oversees and provides Management Information System (MIS) statistical reporting for DOT consortium random programs, supporting over 7,000 policyholders. She meticulously monitors internal process compliance with policies and procedures across 15 DOT and non-DOT drug testing programs, impacting over 25,000 policyholders.

Her role extends to interpreting complex DOT regulations and non-DOT policy guidelines, ensuring her staff maintains thorough regulatory knowledge. Mia developed and facilitated a DOT Designated Employer Representative (DER) training course, recognized by the CCDAPP (Certification Commission for Drug and Alcohol Program Professionals) Certification Commission as a qualified continuing education offering. She reviews state and federal laws, regulations, and accreditation standards, keeping DISA and its clients well-informed of legislative changes. Additionally, Mia manages subpoenas and litigation requests and supports the discovery process with outside counsel, drafting business correspondence related to litigious issues and regulatory changes. Her proactive and consultative approach to establishing solid relationships with DOT program administrators, investigators, and third-party auditors underscores her commitment to excellence in compliance management.

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