DISA Global Solutions Expands European Presence and Global Capabilities with Strategic Acquisition of Validata Group

DISA International Expansion with Validata

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA and AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS; March 15, 2024 – DISA Global Solutions, a forefront leader in employee screening and compliance services, proudly announces the acquisition of Validata Group, a premier European background screening company. The deal was completed on February 1, 2024. This acquisition represents DISA's second international acquisition within nine months, marking a significant step in the company's strategic expansion into the international background screening market.

With the inclusion of Validata Group, founded in 2009 and headquartered in Amsterdam, DISA underscores its commitment to providing unparalleled global screening solutions. Validata's innovative technology platform and comprehensive approach to international screening, compliance, and risk management greatly enhance DISA's offerings. Each year, Validata serves thousands of international and multinational clients and performs more than a quarter million screenings worldwide. This acquisition strengthens DISA's global capabilities and positions the company as a leading provider of international background screening.

John Peterson, President & CEO of DISA Global Solutions, expressed excitement about the merger, stating, "The acquisition of Validata Group is a milestone in our journey towards global leadership in the background screening sector. Validata's advanced technological platform, combined with its team's extensive knowledge of European and global compliance, will enable us to offer an even broader range of services. This partnership expands our geographic reach and enriches the quality of our offerings to clients worldwide."

Acknowledging the importance of adhering to stringent data protection standards, DISA and Validata Group are committed to upholding the rigorous European data protection regulations. This mutual dedication ensures the highest level of data security and privacy for clients and their candidates across all operations.

Suzie Rurode, DISA's International President, enthusiastically said, "We are delighted to welcome Validata Group into the DISA family. Validata's cutting-edge technology and exceptional management team complement our vision of global experience in screening solutions." Suzie continued, "Validata's reputation for excellence and innovation in background screening perfectly aligns with our commitment to customer service and compliance. Their unparalleled expertise in navigating complex data privacy laws makes this partnership a key advantage in our international expansion efforts. This acquisition is more than just an expansion; it's a fusion of strengths that will redefine our approach to international background screening and unlock an array of value-creation opportunities for our distinguished clients."

As DISA Global Solutions continues expanding its international footprint, acquiring Validata Group is a testament to its dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer service in the global background screening industry. This strategic partnership enhances DISA's capabilities and sets new standards in providing comprehensive, compliant, and efficient international background screening services.

Harm Voogt, managing director of Validata, said about the deal, "We are proud of the fact that DISA is committed to leveraging the Validata team and our state-of-the-art screening software in their quest to expand their global capabilities. This partnership also enables us to better serve our international clients via expanded services and capabilities, and that was something we were looking for in a partner."

DISA Global Solutions and Validata Group look forward to a future of shared success, driven by a shared vision of excellence and a commitment to the industry's highest standards of service and compliance.

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