DISA Launches New Partnership Program; iCIMS Selected as First Platinum Partner

DISA Launches New Partnership Program i CIMS Selected

DISA Global Solutions is excited to announce the elevation of our new partnership program, which will allow us to work closer with a select group of integration partners. We are working diligently to provide more people in our industry with expanded access to the latest trends, best practices, and actionable advice to achieve workforce excellence. This includes webinars, industry reports, whitepapers, and educational events that equip HR professionals and business leaders with the necessary tools and resources to be successful.

In addition to these expanded insights, we want to provide expanded solutions for our users. Strong partnerships with these industry leaders ensure we can offer integrated, easy solutions for customers on diverse platforms. New partnerships enable us to stay agile and adaptable to changing market dynamics, swiftly responding to emerging trends, regulatory shifts, and evolving business needs, ensuring that our clients always have access to compliant, best-in-class solutions.

iCIMS – Our First Platinum Partner

DISA Global Solutions and our subsidiaries, GHRR & Crimcheck, proudly announce that we have selected iCIMS as our first Platinum Partner. This strategic collaboration combines companies' unique strengths and cutting-edge technologies, offering increased value and streamlined solutions for businesses worldwide.

iCIMS has been a trailblazer in HR technology, providing an end-to-end scalable talent acquisition and mobility platform. Their innovative platform empowers organizations to attract, engage, and hire the right talent while simplifying recruitment. Trusted by thousands of companies across various industries, iCIMS has transformed how businesses build a winning team.

DISA Global Solutions, a pioneering leader in compliance and safety solutions, has revolutionized how companies manage their workforce risks and compliance requirements. With a vast array of services, including background screening, drug and alcohol testing, occupational health services, and more, DISA has earned an unrivaled reputation for ensuring workplace safety and regulatory compliance.

Together, DISA Global Solutions and iCIMS allow users to synergize their expertise and technologies, resulting in a more comprehensive and integrated solution to address the evolving challenges of the modern workforce.

Set up an Integrated Solution!

Would your organization benefit from a high-level review of industry trends, applicant tracking systems, or talent acquisition and employee screening processes? Request a meeting with DISA or iCIMS to optimize and enhance your hiring processes.

About DISA Global Solutions:

DISA Global Solutions (www.disa.com) is a leading provider of compliance and safety solutions, empowering businesses with innovative services that mitigate risk, drive safety, and ensure regulatory compliance in the workplace. With decades of experience, DISA remains committed to helping companies create secure and productive work environments.

About iCIMS:

iCIMS (www.icims.com) is a leading provider of talent acquisition technology that enables organizations everywhere to build winning workforces. For over 20 years, iCIMS has been at the forefront of talent acquisition transformation. iCIMS empowers thousands of organizations worldwide with the right tools to meet their evolving needs across the talent journey and drive business success. Its AI-powered hiring platform is designed to improve efficiency, cut recruiting costs and build exceptional experiences for candidates and recruiters.

For more information on the different levels of partnerships and the transformative solutions it will bring, visit the official websites of DISA Global Solutions (www.disa.com) and iCIMS (www.icims.com).

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