HR Guide: Navigating Tough Employment Issues During Tough Times

HR Guide Navigating Tough Employment Issues During Tough Times

Covering three critical areas of employment law, DISA offers practical advice for navigating these complex issues, while also emphasizing the importance of adapting to the changing work environment; particularly in the context of remote work, policy handbooks, and severance agreements. This approach, focusing on 'do this, not that,' provides clear guidance and actionable insights.

Joseph “Joe” Beachboard, a seasoned employment attorney from Beachboard Consulting Group, led an enlightening session at Day with DISA titled "Do This, Not That: Tackling the Toughest Employment Issues During Tough Times." His insights, derived from 35 years of experience in management-side employment law, were especially pertinent in addressing today’s challenging HR landscape.

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6 Key Takeaways

  • Remote Work Response and Culture: Employers must not ignore the remote work issue. Beachboard stressed the importance of decision-making and communication about remote work policies, highlighting that employees closely observe their employers' response to the pandemic. The way an organization handles remote work can significantly impact its culture and, by extension, its ability to attract and retain talent.
  • Legal Compliance in Remote Work: As employees work remotely, employers need to be prepared for the complexities of becoming multi-state or cross-border employers. This involves navigating a labyrinth of employment tax issues and international law considerations, especially for employees who have relocated.
  • Annual Review of Handbooks and Policies: Policies and handbooks should be reviewed annually to ensure they reflect current laws and the organization's situation. This is crucial as employment laws are rapidly evolving. A handbook should represent an organization’s vision, ideals, and culture, and be integrated into daily management.
  • Navigating Multi-Jurisdictional Laws: Organizations with employees in different states must consider varying state employment laws. Options include tailoring handbooks to the most employee-friendly state laws or creating supplemental policies for employees in states with differing laws.
  • Severance Agreements and Legal Nuances: When drafting severance agreements, consider the state laws where the employee works, the age of the employee, and the specific terms of the release. These agreements are legally delicate and require expert advice to ensure enforceability and compliance with state-specific requirements.
  • Addressing New Challenges: Beachboard anticipates restrictive covenants, such as non-compete clauses, to be a significant policy issue in the coming years. With some federal agencies pushing for nationwide changes, employers need to stay informed and prepared for evolving legal landscapes in employment agreements.

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