Top Drug Testing Companies

Top Drug Testing Companies

In the world of drug testing and compliance, selecting the right service provider is crucial for ensuring workplace safety and adherence to regulations. While there are several competent options in the market, here are some that stand out for safety-sensitive and enterprise-size companies.

Benefits of Partnering with a Top Drug Testing Provider

Partnering with a top drug test provider offers invaluable benefits for businesses committed to maintaining a safe and secure workplace.

  • Promote workplace safety - by proactively identifying and addressing substance abuse issues you’ll create a culture of safety and accuracy, while also deterring employees from attempting to tamper with tests or using drugs.
  • Reduce accidents and risks – Foster a culture of accountability with a proactive approach which enhances safety and minimizes risks, such as workers’ compensation claims.
  • Enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness – By utilizing services, such as on-site testing, employers can mitigate productivity losses by negating the need for employee travel and waiting at a collection site, which leads to substantial savings.
  • Maintain compliance - ensuring that drug testing meets regulatory requirements is crucial for business reputation.

1. DISA Global Solutions 

 DISA Global Solutions, is renowned for its comprehensive approach as the only Third-Party Administrator (TPA) and Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) to own its full supply chain. DISA's edge lies in its unmatched turnaround times and all-encompassing services, making it an ideal partner for businesses prioritizing safety and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Ownership of the entire supply chain for seamless service delivery.
  • Rapid turnaround times for faster decision-making.
  • Specialized services catering to safety-sensitive industries and large-scale enterprises.

2. HireRight

HireRight offers a wide array of services that can be tailored to suit the specific requirements and budget of your business. With an intuitive platform and streamlined processes, HireRight aims to decrease the time it takes to get results while keeping you informed at every step. In the United States, both potential and current employees have the flexibility to book their screenings at over 26,000 accessible sites.

3. Any Lab Test Now

ANY LAB TEST NOW® revolutionizes healthcare lab testing with its thousands of standard tests, affordability, and nationwide presence. Their model eliminates the need for doctor's appointments, offering a more direct approach to personal health management.

4. Employers Choice Screening

Employers Choice Screening provides both immediate and laboratory-based testing for drugs and alcohol, assisting employers in maintaining a drug-free workplace and adhering to Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines. Whether your needs include pre-employment screenings or continuous testing post-hire, with either standard or comprehensive panel options, a range of services includes tests for pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, regular random screenings, and post-incident investigations.

5. Sterling

Sterling understands that ensuring a secure and efficient workplace for your team is crucial, as it directly contributes to the positive culture you aim to foster. The implementation of drug testing and health screenings plays a vital role in sustaining productivity in your work environment. Their services offer critical information necessary for effectively managing workplace compliance, safety issues, and adherence to policies.

6. First Advantage Corporation

First Advantage offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to streamline the implementation of a pre-employment drug testing program, helping to simplify the hiring process. Additionally, they provide resources for ongoing drug screenings after employment.

7. ARCpoint Labs

ARCpoint Labs recognizes the critical need for a safe and secure work environment. Offering extensive drug and alcohol testing solutions tailored for businesses large and small, ARCpoint aids in preventing employee substance use, helping you circumvent potential challenges down the line.

8. Labcorp Employer Services, Inc.

Labcorp is dedicated to fostering a healthy and productive work environment, starting with ensuring a drug-free workplace. They offer a wide array of both laboratory and rapid testing services for substance abuse, tailored to suit the diverse requirements of workplace testing programs. With a focus on offering a broad range of tests and maintaining high-quality service, Labcorp stays ahead by monitoring current market trends and emerging drugs, guaranteeing their testing remains pertinent to the modern workforce.

9. Quest Diagnostics

Quest Diagnostics conducts millions of drug tests each year, covering a spectrum of reasons such as pre-employment screenings, random testing, and DOT compliance management. They present an extensive selection of drug screening solutions, enabling you to tailor and enhance your program according to the specific requirements of your business, all through one accessible source.

10. Ameriwide Screeners

Ameriwide Screeners supports your drug screening requirements by leveraging a national network of laboratories to implement your company's drug screening protocols effectively. They offer assistance with both pre-employment and post-employment screenings, covering a range of tests including DOT and non-DOT drug assessments, random testing, reasonable suspicion, and post-Accident examinations.

The Best Drug Testing Provider – Why Choose DISA?

While each of these providers brings unique strengths to the table, DISA Global Solutions distinguishes itself in the crowded marketplace of drug testing providers through its consultative approach to drug testing and compliance services. As a single-source provider, DISA simplifies the complex process of managing drug testing programs by offering a suite of services that encompasses every aspect of drug and alcohol screening. This comprehensive offering includes everything from initial screenings to follow-up tests, ensuring businesses can access a full spectrum of drug testing solutions under one roof.

Additionally, DISA's expertise is not limited by the size of the business it serves. From small businesses to multinational corporations, DISA's scalable solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of any organization. This adaptability means that businesses of all sizes can benefit from DISA's expertise, whether they're implementing a drug testing program for the first time or looking to enhance an existing one.

DISA's commitment to staying at the forefront of drug testing technology and compliance standards ensures that its clients are always ahead of the curve. By partnering with DISA, businesses not only invest in a drug testing program but also in a partnership that values safety, compliance, and efficiency. With a focus on client needs combined with unparalleled expertise, this solidifies DISA as the premier choice for businesses seeking a reliable and effective drug testing provider.

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